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Does EliteXC have KO/Sub bonuses?

Sam Caplan has a follow up interview with Seth Petruzelli where Seth talks about knockout, submission, and ‘fight of the night’ bonuses:

Sam Caplan: Regarding the knockout bonus, the bout agreement shows you were paid a total of $50,000 and that $35,000 of it was your guarantee and the remaining $15,000 was a win bonus. During the radio interview, you mentioned you received over six figures for the fight. What does the difference account for?

Seth Petruzelli: The knockout bonus was the additional money. And my sponsors — I added my sponsors in there too for it. So it was a knockout bonus plus my sponsorships that I got.

Sam Caplan: Would you have received a bonus had you submitted Kimbo?

Seth Petruzelli: Yes. There were submission bonuses, knockout bonuses, and a “Fight of the Night” bonus — just like the UFC does it. They just want an exciting fight no matter where it goes.

Sam Caplan: Did the submission bonus pay the same as the knockout bonus?

Seth Petruzelli: Yes. Every bonus is the same.

Has anyone ever heard about this bonus money before? I certainly haven’t. No EliteXC promoter has ever mentioned them, and I have never heard a fighter talking about winning one of them.

The whole thing about alleged cover-ups like this is that they’re hard to pull off. You have to get a bunch of people coordinated and everyone has to lie the same way. Sooner or later someone says something inconsistent or one of the lies comes undone … then the entire situation is revealed to be as it really is.

Right now I am obviously of the opinion that something very sketchy went on with EliteXC: they offered more money to both Seth and Ken to keep the Kimbo fight off the ground. That’s not a KO bonus, that’s a fix. This whole Knockout of the Night thing seems pretty bogus to me especially considering Benji Radach’s KO was much better. Ditto with Andrei Arlovksi’s. So did Benji get a KO bonus? Is it ‘Everyone who KO’s or submits their opponent gets a bonus?’ What’s the history of EliteXC’s bonus system and who won those bonuses at past events?

These are all very easy things for people with sources to verify. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when people look into it.