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Does Bob Arum know the correct terminology is ‘meatheads’?

Okay, so get this. When boxing promoter Bob Arum says ‘skinheads’, he doesn’t mean nazi skinheads or oi oi skinheads, he just means young white men. So us skinheads, we hate boxing because there are no white skinheads boxing (except that Kelly Pavlik skinhead), but there are a whole bunch of skinheads fighting in MMA, and they suck. But that’s part of the appeal though, because us skinheads think in our goony shaved skulls that we too have a chance at fighting in this sport!

That’s not to say Bob didn’t say some nice things about the UFC. He says he’s learned some new promoting tricks like adding music in between fights (“We play this ‘rock music’ between rounds and fights and people are dancing in the aisles”) and Arum also credits the UFC for showing him that something called the Internets exists.

I’ve gone from being shocked by Arum to actually slightly charmed by his amusing ideas and racist sounding talking points. He’s like a walking talking “Shit My Dad Says.”

(via Bloody Elbow)