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Does anyone care about that hepatitis thing?

Not only is Sherdog not doing anything to clear up the issue of Aleksander Emelianenko fighting with hepatitis, they’re actively hyping up his fights. From a list of 10 March tussles worth watching:

2. Aleksander Emelianenko vs. Ibragim Magomedov
ProFC “Russia vs. Europe,” March 29 — Rostov-on-Don, Russia

With his unresolved medical situation blocking possibly lucrative fights in Japan and the United States, Fedor Emelianenko’s younger but bigger brother has to look to local organizations to keep his career alive. Southwestern Russian promotion ProFC has gladly obliged and booked the heavily-tattooed Emelianenko (14-3) into a compelling bout with former training partner Magomedov (20-5-1). The 33-year-old Magomedov will come in off a first-round stoppage of Finland’s Jarno Nurminen and is enjoying an undefeated run of nine fights over the past two years.

You know the dude’s got a serious issue when even Japan says “You’re not allowed to fight.” So why is a guy who’s basically the Tommy Morrison of MMA getting a free pass from the MMA media? Is it because he’s Fedor’s little brother? Or do we just care so little about the safety of his opponents?

There’s all sorts of signs pointing towards Aleks having hepatitis. If he’s still FIGHTING, that’s a health risk to everyone he fights. You’d think there should be some responsible journalistic outlet raising some questions about the whole situation instead of licking it’s chops in eager anticipation of Aleks’ next fight. Hey, I used to be down with the A to the E too, but this is fucking nuts. The guy might have a life threatening communicable disease and he’s fighting in MMA!