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Doerksen not quite back in the UFC

Joe Doerksen is currently trying to get into the UFC. If that confuses you considering he just won at UFC 113, then read on:

On May 8 at UFC 113 in Montreal, Doerksen was an emergency replacement in a match where he submitted Tom Lawlor with a rear naked chokehold in the second round. A massive underdog coming in, he left as the only Canadian on the card to win a match. The Ultimate Fighting Championship, the biggest show in the game, signed him to a contract. It is the biggest break of his 11-year MMA career.

Rumours are it’s a four-fight deal with big-time money [FL note: lolz], but he must win Friday night to secure it.

“They haven’t said it (that he’d be dropped) but they just said ‘you have to go win this fight,'” said Doerksen, 32, in an interview at the Canadian Mixed Martial Arts Centre in Winnipeg, one of the largest MMA facilities in Canada at 6,500 square feet.

Doerksen will be facing off against 8-5 Shawn Marchand and if there’s a consolation to having to win again in order to secure his UFC contract, it’s that Joe doesn’t lose fights he’s supposed to win, he only wins fights he’s supposed to lose. While I doubt he’ll ever hold a belt or even seriously contend for one, he’s still a scrappy fighter who always gives it his all – a nice change from some of the bigger names lately who have sleepwalked their ways to losses. Hopefully Doerksen wins his fight … the UFC is getting pathetically low on Canadian fighters.