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Do two wrongs really make a right?

I’d like to say this is a final post on the Drew Fickett / MFC debacle but it seems like whenever Drew is involved in anything, it takes 10 posts and 15 points of view before the whole story comes out. Just check out the whole Drew Fickett ‘incident’ at the ADCCs for proof of that.

So the latest chapter in this story is that MFC president Mark Pavelich has released a statement basically saying “I’m sorry that phone message went public. PS Drew Fickett is no longer fighting for us.” What I love so much about this is the catch 22 that was just created: Drew Fickett couldn’t fight for Strikeforce because he was fighting for MFC, but now he can’t fight for MFC even though he didn’t fight for Strikeforce.

On a personal basis, I can understand why Pavelich is pulling the plug on the fight now … Fickett blasted him, his promotion, and accused MFC’s ‘rising star’ Ryan Ford of being a roid freak cheater. On the other hand, I’m interested to see how he legally justifies ‘breach of contract’, especially after the contract wasn’t breached by Fickett fighting for Strikeforce.

I’m not gonna pick sides on this … personally, I think both sides acted like complete retards and there were 1001 ways to deal with the situation without Drew losing 20k from Strikeforce and 7k from MFC, or without Mark Pavelich looking like a psycho goon.

  • kentyman says:

    How about a counter-suit for the verbal threat of bodily harm (“I’m going to get on a fucking plane soon and go where you’re at and choke you the fuck out.”)?

    I’m pretty sure we have a recording of that somewhere around here…

  • Sounds like douchebaggery all around

  • Rhett Moir says:

    its cool that drew posts on message boards and isn’t your typical meat head fighter, but he does cone away from this looking like a bit of a twat. There’s a reason why MFC, UFC and Elite XC don’t work with him…

    …because he’s a unproffesional cunt

  • garth says:

    and don’t forget he’s not fighting jake shields for a major promotion with nationwide TV coverage.

  • Ryan Ford is a cheater and prob a roid freak too. Either that or can someone explain why he looked like he has the muslce mass of a HW when he fought @ 170 vs. Pete “I have no ground game” Spratt?

    Pavelich has a history of being pond scum so fuck him too.

  • Márcio says:

    I love Fickett as a fighter but he really needs to get his shit together, apart from that ridiculous voice massage, Pavelich is completly in the right in this one. Drew signed the contract and it’s part of his job to honour it, because of shit like that he wont be able to fight Shields and now has no fights left, that’s stupid.

  • jackal-matt says:

    Sorry, you have to side with guy who has a fake band named Cock Sandwich. IT’s a rule.

  • killNU says:

    drews manager was threatend with the choke not drew becuase he is the one who’s job it is to avoid all this and he some how is not getting involed in it all