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Do-It-Yourself Mixed Martial Arts

Do you want to throw a mixed martial arts event but are too lazy to do anything except pay for it? Well, the guys who do the Art of War shows down in Texas are setting up a new system where you pay them $100,000 buckaroos and they’ll do all the work for you.

The UNDERGROUND program is a raw more aggressive program specifically created to allow the venue owners the opportunity to offer Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Sport in small regional markets. The growth of MMA and the demand for more of this type of live entertainment should prove to be a very successful financial model for SUN.” Epstein added, “We feel there is a huge market opportunity in the 1000 – 5000 seat venues to bring a professional show to their facility and have subsequently created a very unique marketing and production plan specifically for this.”

You do the promotion and get the gate money and everyone walks away happy. Or rather, the Art of War guys walk away happy because all they did was book the fighters and truck in a ring and some lights. I’m not going to downplay the amount of work it takes to put on a decent mixed martial arts show, but the major stumbling blocks you’ll run into are dealing with regional bylaws and laws. The other big issue: getting people to actually show up so you can make money. Since this company definitely isn’t taking care of promotion, I really hope they are the ones taking care of the first point.

  • Jonathan says:

    The way I see it I can get some racist guys drunk and then have them start a fight at some event where they are wholly outnumbered…and then rob them whenever they’re all KTFO.

    Stolen Loot – Cost of Vodka = Profit

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.