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DMX: eloquent and informed

There is only one good thing to say about the DMX vs Eric Martinez fight at “Alabama Pride” on December 12th in good ol’ unsanctioned Birmingham: it’s a boxing match, not an MMA fight. All praise to Jesus for that … I thought scumbag promoters had finally realized that celebrity MMA would be way more popular than celebrity boxing and were about to open a Pandora’s box of unending twattery upon us.

Still, since the fight is at an MMA event and being held in an MMA cage, it constituted as vaguely MMA related so Luke Thomas interviewed DMX for his radio show MMA Nation (which is quite good by the way if you aren’t drowning in MMA talk radio already). Hilarity ensued:

– How the fight came about: “We got a phone call, you know? Asking if I wanted to participate in it. I was like, “Yeah. Why not?” I used to participate in…oh, nevermind. But yeah, I figured I could do it.”

He said he has “a little bit” of boxing experience from “when [I] was younger, [I] stay in shape, so it’s nothing.”

– On whether he’s training for the fight: “I’m just going to walk in as it is, you know what I mean? It wouldn’t be fair if I trained.”

And boom goes the dynamite:

Luke: “Do you watch MMA?

DMX: “What’s that?”

Luke: “Mixed Martial Arts.”

DMX: “No, I watch the ultimate fighting, though.”

I know it’s unfair to judge someone’s intelligence based on one interview but OMGWTFBBQ the 5th best selling rapper in the world is a total  MORON.