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Din Thomas is moving down to 145

(Din photo courtesy of that jail he got thrown into for throwing a smoker (while being black). Perhaps he can fight Leonard Garcia for ‘toughest fighter facing federal charges’ bragging rights?)

There’s a whole bunch of guys fighting right now at 155 when their real home should be 145. There’s no question they’d do better in the lower weight class but most of em stick around at 155 because really … who wants to end up in the WEC? That’s basically a last resort … one which Din Thomas is now hoping will work out for him:

“While I know I can win against any lightweight in the world on a given day, I fell twice in a row. Therefore, I’m going to bow out. Good luck to those guys. I’m going to drop down to 145 lbs and see if those guys down there will embrace me.”

Din Thomas always bored me … he’d do well and do well and do well till put up against one of the top contenders then fall back down to the lower rungs. Then he’d do well and do well again against all the lower ranked guys. I’m pretty interested to see how he performs at 145 against fighters closer to his size. There’s no doubting he’s got some skills (see his awesome dance moves for proof), but is it really the size that’s the problem?