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Din Thomas is a criminal

From an interview with MMA Madness comes the shocking news that Din Thomas spent a year’s worth of weekends in the clink for beating up a dude:

Thomas: Yeah, so I was going to try and walk on at one of those schools. But at the time I was with my girlfriend, and ya know, a 17-year-old kid should never have a steady girlfriend. So, she broke up with me at the time and started messing around with another dude, and boom, ya know? I just couldn’t take it and I ended up beating the dog crap out of this guy and ended up going to jail for a little while. My sentence was actually 50 weekends in jail. So every Friday I had to go into jail and come out on Sunday.

MMA Madness: What!?

Thomas: Yeah, so, that gave me a LOT of time to think. (Laughs) So, during that time I was like, “You know what? Never again will I fight in the street.” That also attributed to the fact, if I’m going to fight, it’s going to be legal. And here I am today.

Well, I’m glad Din figured out how to channel his aggressions legally. It takes a lot of ‘dog crap’ to get a year’s worth of weekends for assault when you’re 17. When I was a minor I threw my little sister off an overpass and all they did to me was send me to a psychiatric institute! That was okay … the ice cream was nice but I did not like it that much when they put pills in my butt.