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Digging into the Fertitta’s mob history

With the Xyience fiasco still simmering on the stove, professional shit-disturber Rich Bergeron has decided to spend some of his free time digging into the Fertitta family’s mob history. His first article on the subject is up and covers the 1950’s where the Fertittas were part of the Maceo family’s Texas mob.

Personally, I’m not all that surprised or shocked that a Vegas gambling family has it’s roots in organized crime. But what should be interesting to read (if Bergeron isn’t slapped with another multi-million dollar lawsuit before he can release it) is the next few installments which plan to air connections that are much more recent than the roaring 50’s:

And that brings us to the next chapter of the family history: The Vegas pioneering of Frank Fertitta, Jr. and his role in skimming the take at the Fremont Hotel. In the next installment, we’ll look at what saved Frank Junior from going to jail with all his buddies when the FBI’s “Strawman” investigations ravaged mob rule in Vegas.

We’ll look at what finally broke Frank Junior and led him to give up control of the family business to his son Frank III (Frankie “Three Sticks”). We’ll explore how the Fertitta empire came to pass, built on a one-dollar transaction between friends. We’ll trace Frank Junior’s steps from his 1960 arrival in Vegas to his present day behind the scenes role as a Fertitta Enterprises and Station Casinos consultant and a major republican party influence peddler.

We’ll also touch on how the sins of the father wound up setting the stage for the sons becoming ruthless business tycoons. We’ll get into how Missouri gaming authorities put Frank Junior under such a microscope that he was forced to forget about doing business there on his own. He signed the business over to Frank III and may have even made his old friend Carl Thomas disappear to prevent him from telling Missouri gaming officials what he knew about Frank Junior’s skimming at the Fremont.

We’ll rehash how Frank Junior’s skimming operation is portrayed in the movie Casino and touch on how the Global Cash Access connection represents the possibility of a worldwide skimming enterprise masterminded by the Fertittas and the GCA castoffs who bankrupted Xyience for them.

Lots of people are on the fence as to whether Rich Bergeron is a hard hitting journalist or just a total internet crazy. All I know is that the stuff he drudged up on the Xyience case was legit and interesting indeed. I’m looking forward to seeing what he finds out this time around.