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Diego Sanchez vs Clay Guida!

Mark this one down as drooling weirdo meets belching caveman: word is coming out that Diego Sanchez and Clay Guida are gonna scrap on the TUF9 finale in June. We used to be huge Clay Guida fans but after watching him for a few years I’m starting to wonder where the evolution is? He’s still a shitty boxer, doesn’t have much in the way of offensive submissions, and basically gets by on his retarded pace. I love the guy, but is it too much to ask for a finish?

That being said, Diego Sanchez didn’t exactly impress me in his fight against Joe Stevenson and if he’s not careful, Guida is gonna put him on his back and hump his way to another decision win. If Sanchez doesn’t come out with some balls and bring the fight to Guida, he’s fucked. And honestly, I dunno if the Diego coming into this fight is the same Diego from the Parisyan and Riggs fights. New Diego is the guy who lost to Jon Fitch because he was too busy fishing for subs to realize he was losing the fight. He’s also the guy that was unwilling to push the pace against Joe Stevenson. If that Diego shows up against Guida, I think he’ll lose.