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Diego Sanchez rips BJ Penn

I know no one’s really paying attention to UFC 95, but Diego Sanchez did just say some pretty interesting things about BJ Penn:

“After seeing BJ’s performance against St. Pierre, man, I’d say it’s a bad time for him to fight anybody right now,” Sanchez said. “Man, that guy has zero cardio and he goes into the biggest fight of his life with that type of cardio and endurance? I’ve never gotten tired in a UFC fight. I’ve never gotten caught tired in a fight. And to see this guy be that exhausted after one round? I know GSP is tough, but come on. He burned himself out in the first round just defending those takedowns.”

But that wasn’t all. He gave Florian more than a fighting chance.

“I think its a bad time for him to fight Kenny Florian,” he continued. “As long as Kenny Florian lasts past the first, second round, I think he’s going to take over with conditioning. I don’t care how talented you are. If you don’t have gas in the tank, if the Ferrari doesn’t have the gas in the tank, it ain’t going to finish the quarter mile, and that’s the bottom line.”

In all this talk about greasing and losses and this and that, I think this is the first time I’ve really heard anyone rip of BJ for the terrible performance he gave at UFC 94. While a lot of people have just passed it off as “Eh, it’s GSP, what did you expect?”, it looks like some think his last fight just revives the specter of “Old BJ Penn”, the dude who can’t last past two rounds.