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Diego Sanchez beats himself – AGAIN!

Okay, so Luke Thomas didn’t take me up on my bet, but he shouldn’t feel that bad: the other thousands of visitors to the site during the run-up to UFC76 didn’t have the balls to challenge me on the issue either. So I’ll call the results of this fight thusly:

  • Fightlinker : 1
  • Everyone Else : 0

Well, I guess Jon Fitch gets a point too because he had a little to do with this victory as well. Does Diego Sanchez get a point too for giving the bout away? I think he should, considering he was so busy jiu-jitsuing Fitch that he forgot to uuuuuuuh beat the shit out of him and win! With, I dunno … fists and elbows and stuff. I hear that works sometimes. Especially with someone like Fitch who’s no Karo Parisyan or even Joe Riggs on his feet.

Here’s what happened to Diego: he switched training camps and forgot a part of what made him good. He remembered the whole ‘hunger’ thing and the whole tiger or lion or whichever member of the Pantherinae subfamily shit. What he didn’t remember that it was his aggressive striking game that’s worked for him since he hit the UFC. When he moved to San Diego (ya know, to re-establish that rough ghetto environment he had earlier in his career), he fell in with the Ribeiro brothers and seemed like he was spending more time doing jiu-jitsu than proper MMA training. To me, that was what I saw as he was out-positioned and out-scored. But what do I know … I was three flags to the wind watching this show, so my opinion should hold about as much weight as Cecil People’s.

  • Dr J says:

    I predicted a victory by Fitch as well,

    Nice call on the fight, FL

  • Thomas says:

    Does this mean that God is not in his corner anymore

  • Xavier says:

    Nothing like being Lay and Prayed. Koscheck taught Fitch well. KOSCHECK’D! What did Fitch land other than a couple hammerfists? At least Sanchez threw up submissions left and right. What a lame victory by Fitch.

    It’s screwed up, Sanchez didn’t deserve the wins against Karo and Diaz but doesn’t deserve the losses to Koscheck and Fitch either. I can’t stand him but the stand’n’stall/lay’n’pray twins are even more annoying.

    Karo, Manny and Roman need to destroy everyone with Armenian power.

  • bmiller says:

    Hey fightlinker,

    I like your letter about Luke. Everything that you said about Fitch beating Sanchez like a Mexican piñata, I totally agree with. Other than that, the rest of the letter, you couldn’t have been more wrong. What is the deal with all of this crazy talk, saying that TUFF noobs won’t accomplish anything, and how TUFF noobs are so bad? I think that this weekend went pretty good for Forrest and Jardine. See that is the problem, everybody places all TUFFers in the same category and you can’t do that.

  • Matt says:

    yadayadayada, I thought Fitch fought a good fight and won on all cards.. I would bitch more about Diego’s gameplan than I would Fitchs’. Diego threw ’32’ strikes landing 18 and like 15 of those were weak ass hammerfist or punches from the bottom.. Fitch landed 47 of 79 of his strikes over twice as many as Diego. I win u lose, ty Junkie.

  • People often think TUF guys are gonna win because they know more about them. It’s easy to assume the guy you’ve heard of will easily beat the guy you don’t. Fitch vs Sanchez wasn’t an upset if you looked past the Kool-Aid being served by the media. Or rather, the kool-aid they weren’t serving re: Fitch

  • bettor says:

    I believe diego should’ve worked more on his wrestling and maybe he would’ve had more of a chance. all that jiujitsuing had him pulling guard… Oh and dont give me that bullshit about how fitch is much better at wrestling since he comes from a d-1 background…
    roan carneiro was easily taking fitch down at will… so how bout that…

  • shanaconda says:

    well you have to admit the ribeiro bjj looked good, I’m positive he would have tapped Fitch if they had just remembered to wear their Gi s, maybe we can get Sanchez some Aoki banana pants

  • Coles Notes: Diego’s problem was he was on his back instead of on his feet. If he’d wanted to stand and strike, he could have. Chalk another loss up to terrible direction from his corner, who should have realized after round 1 that Diego needed to soften Fitch up a bit on his feet before trying anything on the ground.

  • garth says:

    bmiller: would someone beat something like some other kind of pinata? an english pinata? that’s like telling someone you’re going to have some agua water.

  • Matt says:

    Well said FL. Cant blame Greg Jackson anymore!

  • Jemaleddin says:

    First of all, Fitch won the fight. Whatever I say from this point on, keep that in mind.

    But at the same time, you have to admit that Diego did more to win the fight than Fitch did. Fitch seemed very reactive, and did a lot more wrestling than fighting. Overall I was disappointed by both fighters.

  • bmiller says:

    YYUUMM! Some Agua water would really hit the spot about right now.

  • Tommy says:

    What did happen to flury flury flury then scramble? All he did was scramble scrample scramble scramble.

  • BigD says:

    I absolutely agree with this article. He was trying to beat fitch at his own game.