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Diego Sanchez admits he enjoyed some alcohol from time to time

Diego Sanchez walks us through his dark but kinda fun sounding times after that brutal loss to BJ Penn. It’s a tale of booze, drugs, and embezzlement:

“After I lost the B.J. Penn fight, I lost control. I lost control of life,” Sanchez told MMAWeekly Radio Weekend Edition. “I had just made my biggest payday and I was just down about the loss. That was my dream to become world champion, and it still is. But it was at my fingertips and the way I lost, getting cut, so brutally cut, I was beat up.

“I took the wrong path. I took the path of partying, and I was just drinking away my sorrows. I was handling the problem the wrong way.”

“I let some bad influences get into my life and it was a downward spiral. It was like a tornado sucking everything in,” he recalled. “I let a person that I thought was a friend, a real close friend, someone that would help me with finances, I had him helping me out with stuff. Turned out I got embezzled for over $170,000. He conned me. I got conned so bad. And in the same time when I got conned, I was just wasting the money that I had earned.”

“I was sucked into a life of sin,” he said. “I was smoking weed, I was drinking, partying, and it just really, truly held me back from my potential.”

This isn’t the first time Diego has talked about the devil’s plant and it’s devastating effects on his career … after the Martin Kampmann fight he claimed ‘smoking weed separated me from the holy spirit… It came between me and Jesus.’ But now that’s he’s on a two fight win streak, all is better with the world. Funny how things are crap when you lose but awesome when you win. I wonder what happens if Jesus doesn’t carry Diego up towards a lightweight championship this time? Maybe it’ll be time to give pot another shot. Hey, it worked for BJ Penn!