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Diego is probably done at welterweight

There’s a simple truth to MMA that everyone is slowly getting through their thick heads: If you can cut down to a lower weight class, then do it! Unless of course you’re a lightweight and you don’t wanna end up in the WEC … hence all the undersized guys clogging up the UFC’s 155 division.

Those guys are gonna have more trouble coming their way now that welterweight Diego Sanchez has made the decision to stop being a small 170 and become a big 155. Now we just have to wait and see if the UFC gives this move a thumbs up:

When reached today by (, Sanchez’s manager, Jeff Clark of NCFC Fight Management, said that the 26-year-old fighter is open to competing at 170 or 155 pounds — and that ultimately, it’s the UFC’s decision to make.

“Right now he said he is willing to fight at 170 or 155,” Clark said. “Basically it’s just kind of up to the UFC in deciding where they want him at.

“[Diego] is actually a small 170-pounder. A lot of people around him have always said — and he’s such a competitor, too — that he can be competitive at either. So he can definitely make it. A lot of times when he was fighting at 170, he was barely above 170, so it wasn’t like he was cutting a lot of weight anyway.”

The crappy thing about this move is that we’re losing out on a lot of interesting fights at welterweight. I would have loved to see a Sanchez / Parisyan rematch, which was my 2006 fight of the year and the bout that made people realize Diego was for realz. Yoshiyuki Yoshida, Josh Koscheck, Mike Swick, Dustin Hazelett, Anthony Johnson … the list goes on and on, fights that would wind me up and get me hyped for whatever event they’re on.

This isn’t to say there aren’t any fights at lightweight that have me interested as well. But this certainly closes the door on a lot of matches I’ve been thinking about since Diego started fighting his way up the welterweight rankings. It’s too bad he’s not sticking around for one more run at the 170 title.