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Did Tim Sylvia lose on purpose?

Look, I know this devolves into tinfoil hat territory but I’m just throwing it out there. Read this quote from Timmy and tell me what you think:

“i have one fight left on my contract i want to stay with the ufc but i am going to go were the money is right now Brock is making more m0ney then me that has to change i have a better name then him and i am a better fighter then him, i case u didn’t know my manager runs m1 so i have a pretty good in so we will see what happens in the next few months.”

Because of the whole Randy/Fedor debacle, we know that UFC contracts have champion clauses which basically make you the UFC’s property so long as you hold the belt. I dunno if that applies to interim champions, but one would assume the UFC has upgraded their contracts from ‘restrictive’ to ‘anal’ in the past few months.

So did Tim Sylvia go wading into battle like a berserker because he’s a ‘new, more action packed’ Timmy? Or did he do it because he didn’t care if he won or lost, and he was just trying to go out swinging to raise his value? Either way, with comments like above I don’t know if we’ll see Sylvia fighting in the Octagon again any time soon. The UFC seems to have a nasty habit of throwing the baby out with the bathwater when dealing with ‘unloyal’ fighter comments. Or maybe “using a bazooka on a baby” is a better analogy. If you’ve been to Chechnya, you know the score on that one.

On a side note, Tim Sylvia is an idiot. Brock Lesnar got paid more because he’s a bigger celebrity. If Wesley Snipes stepped into the octagon, he’d get paid more than Chuck Liddell. But you wouldn’t hear Chuck say something like “I’m better than Snipes so I deserve more.” That’s just asinine. Of course, Dana White could probably pay Carrot Top more than Chuck and Chuck’d be aight with that. Chuck doesn’t seem to give a fuck about anything.

  • Atom says:

    Like I said in the forums… UFC 87: Sylvia vs. OBrien!

  • dan says:

    chuck vs snipes

  • Atom says:

    I think Wandy has the “looking like a primate” market cornered, but Nogs face + Tim’s punch = Cro Magnon

  • Erin says:

    Holy run on sentance, Batman!

    I know I’m being a picky bitch about this, but fuck Tim, learn to type. Shift keys, commas, periods and spell check are your friends. I think my IQ dropped just trying to read that.

    (Not that I don’t fuck up when typing, but that’s just plain laziness.)

  • Dan says:

    I don’t think Tim was trying to lose. That’s reaching for it. He was trying to win pretty hard the whole fight until the Big Nog happened.

  • Well, considering how he normally fights, would you say he came into this fight with the same ‘win at any cost’ mentality?

  • Márcio says:

    wow, thats some batshit crazy stuff fightlinker… get off the shrooms.

  • Atom says:

    Pay no attention to this Marcio person (I’d use that little mark above the ‘a’ if I knew how)

    Shroom on, brother, shroom on.

  • Dangerfield says:

    I think Tim has way to much to prove to EVERYONE to lose.

  • #1 jackal says:

    If Tim was trying to lose, he sure beat the shit out of nog, before he decided to lose.

  • cyphron says:

    BJ Penn has proven that the champion clause has no bite. It has no legal backing for it.

  • selfdestruco says:

    Cyphron – if my memory serves me correct, BJ Penn is the reason why there is a champions clause.

  • cyphron says:

    Even if that’s true, there’s no way to enforce that in a court of law.

    Then again, I am no lawyer, I just stayed at the Holiday Inn Express.

  • BoshyClaus says:

    Look at the way he writes! Can you say Baby Huey?

  • cingred says:

    2 boys and 1 cup describes your journalism style to a T. You write shit and your fanboys eat it up. Even the mindless dolts at the Sherdog forums wouldn’t post this stupid shit.

    Stick to talking shit about ring girls that would make you THEIR bitch and posting funny videos please…really.

  • RoB says:

    hold on…….. oh i just finshed cleaning fightlinkers shit off my face, did somebody say something?

  • Mike_N says:

    If it’s so fucking puerile–that’s right, I said puerile–then go somewhere else. I don’t think that the idea of Timmay suddenly ‘rediscovering’ his aggression because he’ll be in his walk fight soon is that farfetched, but I’m obviously not as sophisticated or as independent as some readers.

  • cingred says:

    Tim was definitely more aggressive. No argument here. Tim was winning and got caught. But lets see, maybe because it was his game plan to win. And to win, he new he had to stay standing; we saw what happened when Minotauro got him to the ground – he lost. He clinched with Brandon Vera to neutralize his stand-up, because I can imagine he didn’t think that he could stand with him. He didn’t do much against Monson, because well, Monson didn’t do much. I think Tim is a great fighter that comes in prepared. But he definitely didn’t lose on purpose. But who really knows.

  • Beau says:

    No way he lost on purpose. He was going balls to the wall for the KO the whole time. Nogs superhuman ability to take a punch is the only thing that saved him. Tim won’t leave the UFC, he’s just pandering for a raise. You really think M1 will pay him more than the UFC? No fucking way! He’s also far too dangerous to put against Fedor. M1’s entire business model colapses if Fedor loses a fight.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Looks like the UFC is going to Andrei Arlovski Tim Sylvia’s ass. Seeing all of these top fighters threaten to jump ship, the UFC is in a very interesting predicament these days. Timmah is usually boring though so who the hell is going to pay him more than the UFC does? His manager is Monte Cox but why if Cox hired Sylvia for M-1 Global for more money, wouldn’t Cox as M-1 Global CEO be screwing himself over?

  • Yeah M-1 is already set to lose boatloads of cash on their first show and the only guy that’s for sure fighting at it is freaking Fedor. I don’t think the M-1 guys have the financial backing to do shit. No one will give them the money they need to throw a megashow unless they can PROVE that they’ll make the money back. And that’s simply not possible. The only way to make any headway in the MMA scene right now is to lock up a lucrative TV deal or be prepared to burn 10 – 50 million dollars over the course of several years building a solid brand.

    M1’s business plan that they LITERALLY developed over the course of two weeks:
    Step 1: Sign Fedor
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: PROFIT!

  • nem0 says:

    I know it’s been said, but geezus FUCK, dude can’t write to save his soul. I’ve seen better writing in remedial grade 9 English homework. It’s not like he ever struck me as a particularly intelligent dude to begin with, but for fuck’s sake, if your writing is that bad, get one of your retard fanboys to proof it for you.

    Except that anyone who’s still a Tim Sylvia fanboy is probably too retarded to type LOL without fucking it up.

    I’d be amused to see who, if anyone, would actually offer him a contract outside the UFC. I suppose they could use him as an advertising token, but it’s not like he’s got anything going for him besides name recognition and having worn the heavyweight belt while getting his dick sucked. Maybe he can go on one of those fucking ridonkulous reality shows like Josh Haynes did.