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Did the UFC really screw Mayhem Miller out of knee surgery?

One of the more interesting claims Jason Mayhem Miller made during his romantic stroll through Central Park with Ariel Helwani was that the UFC ducked his knee injury insurance claim following his loss to CB Dollaway and subsequent firing.

“They gave me a giant run around when I blew my knee out on high definition TV. They wouldn’t pay for my knee surgery. I didn’t even get one [knee surgery]. I went, got an MRI, kinda a hassle because they kept rescheduling for some reason. Finally get an MRI Then I went all the way to LA an hour and a half away with traffic. And I go to the doctor and he’s like ‘I don’t have your MRI.’ … And I knew what the deal was. And I said it and he affirmated with his silence. So I was oooh so that’s how it is. When they don’t need you any more they just toss you out. They just give you the runaround until you give up on the knee surgery. I already know from watching my fellow fighters how hard it is to get it when you’re just a low guy on the roster.”

The day after, Dana White posted this email on the Underground Forums:


Here are all of the medial records I have for Jason. We paid for his MRI and Doctors visits. At his last appointment Dr. Limpisvasti told him he needed to bring in his films to review before any surgical decisions were made, which he never did. At this point without Dr. Limpisvasti seeing the films I am not sure how he is saying we denied a surgery that has not been requested yet.

Thank you,

So now you have to decide what you’re going to believe: that the UFC’s insurance program throws up barriers to try and stop fighters from making claims (not something that’s unheard of in the world of insurance), or that Mayhem Miller is lazy and wasn’t willing to jump through the required hoops to get his coverage.

The whole ‘I had to drive an hour and a half to see a doctor’ gripe kinda implies the latter. And then there’s the suspicious holes in Mayhem’s church story (if he was just praying overnight, why did he break shit and set off a fire extinguisher?) that make me take everything he says with a grain of salt. I mean, we are talking about a guy who spent the past month pretending to be a character in a movie he was in for 2 minutes rather than deal with reality. From that you could imply he might just be the kind of guy who has problems crossing t’s and dotting i’s on insurance forms.