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Did the UFC just buy the IFL?

Hot new rumor of the day is that the UFC has bought the IFL. I’m not too sure if they did it just so Dana White could have the satisfaction of dismantling a third rival promotion (WFA and PRIDE being the first two), or just to ensure they get Wagnney Fabiano, Chris Horodecki, Bart Palaszewski, and all those other fighters with really hard to spell names.

God knows, their contracted fighters are pretty much the only thing of value to the UFC. It’ll be a cold day in hell before you see IFL footage in any UFC broadcasts … they barely show PRIDE footage, and that stuff was actually good! Unfortunately, I don’t think the Hex will be making it’s way into any Zuffa promotions, so what does that leave us with?

One interesting question is if the IFL’s HDNet deal transfers over to Zuffa. If it does, perhaps Dana can force a 3-hour broadcast in startling high def of two girls shitting in a cup and eating it.