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Did the Diaz brothers spazz out after UFC Fight Night?

So apparently there was a post-event press conference after yesterday’s UFC Fight Night. And get this: apparently the Diaz brothers spazzed out during it. From Sports Illustrated:

In what was a baffling and undoubtedly rare moment for the media, Nate Diaz was short of salacious quotes about his latest win and opponent Josh Neer. Diaz’s time was limited in dropping four-letter bombs. Why?

Because Nate had barely taken his seat in front of reporters at the post-fight press conference when his older brother Nick launched into a tirade that disrupted the interview and left the UFC staff with the unenviable task of keeping the Diaz clan from causing a scene. Good luck with that one.

Nate abandoned the press conference as his brother shouted profanities at no one in particular, and together they took their rant into the hallway.

The reason I preface this story with ‘apparently’ is because I am somewhat skeptical of it’s source. I’ve got massive respect (bordering on jealous envy) towards Ben Fowlkes, who writes for both Sports Illustrated and Cage Potato. But you know how I feel about Nicki Jhabvala. And she ‘co-authored’ this piece, which I’m assuming means she took Ben’s straight copy and COMPLETELY BUTCHERED IT in what I will now refer to as “Jhabvala-style”.

What’s Jhabvala-style, you ask? Lemme tell you:

  • Adding youtube links to straight news posts
  • Fucking up grade-8 style with “your” and “you’re”
  • Terrible overuse and straight up misuse of parenthesis (sad)
  • Garbled paragraphs with no clear point or message
  • Adding snide comments best left to trashy sites like Fightlinker

Overall the whole article now reeks of Nicki. Which is too bad, because perhaps if it didn’t, we’d know what the fuck went on with the Diaz brothers at the conference.