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Did Strikeforce call the UFC’s bluff?

Strikeforce has decided they’re going to stay put on April 17th despite the UFC’s plans to counter-promote a show on the same date and possibly even the same city. Now that that decision has been made, the ball is back in the UFC’s court and all of a sudden many people seem to be noting that they might not be able to deliver on another show. Here’s Sherdog just going over some of the logistics:

Zuffa, the UFC’s parent company, has not made an official announcement regarding an April 17 event of its own, though was able to verify that inquiries had been made to the Memorial Gym on Vanderbilt University’s campus. At least one fighter had been contacted last week to fight on that date for the promotion, but declined. A Spike TV source also confirmed that the cable network had been contacted by the promotion to air the live UFC Fight Night event, but said late this week that no further details have emerged regarding the potential show.

Tennessee commission director Jeff Mullen told on Wednesday that Zuffa would need to file a permit request for the event by March 18 to reserve that specific date. Mullen told on Friday that no application had been filed.

Midsy goes even further and says it kinda looks like the UFC was just fucking with Strikeforce’s head. I’d say it’s a bit premature to assume that – even if a show never materializes it would have more to do with the lack of a decent headlining fight rather than a conscious desicion by the UFC to try and make Strikeforce flinch.