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Did Sengoku just die?

Japanese MMA takes another Cheick to the nuts. Nightmare of Battle has the damage:

It’s hard to understand but Gong Kakutogi (Japanese MMA magazine) writer Manabu Takashima has written an anti-WVR article for the March issue of Gonkaku.

Because of the misleading/untrue contents of that article SRC sponsor Don Quijote are considering withdrawing. Apparently he wrote several things in the article that WVR immediately negated.

The next SRC event on April 23rd will most likely not happen. WVR are seeking an apology and correction from the writer.

And indeed when you babelfish Sengoku’s website you find a lot of denials about SOMETHING and the final declaration that without Don Quijote, events can’t happen:

When it comes to sponsors that help temporarily discontinued, will be forced to be a tough decision that we disbanded.However, due to this matter had been decided to be held at Ariake Coliseum on April 23 this year “SRC17” has led to the withdrawal of Yamunaki blank. Our fans for martial arts, as well as those concerned, it has become a great inconvenience to the results of their best players desperately chasing a dream than anything else and unfortunately Denarimasen.

In that sense, “truly irreparable,” is Mr. Takashima rash Dearimasu Kiwamarinai this interview. Lodge a protest with the strict Dearimasu upon to express strong regret.

This sucks. Sengoku has always been kinda light on interesting matchups for us gaijin but they took the sport seriously and seemed way above the level, especially compared to the sketchbags at FEG. It’s a pretty straight up situation now: if they don’t find the support of some new major sponsors, that’s it for them.