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Suck it up, pussies

Apparently there are some gigantic pussies out there who felt that Mario Yamasaki let Brock Lesnar play patty-cake on Randy’s face for a few seconds too long:

Lesnar’s decisive right cross that landed behind the left ear of former champion Randy Couture, 45, sent the proud champion to the canvas, where Lesnar jumped on to deliver about 30 more blows.

Afterward, a German journalist asked the fighters how that scene qualified as sport, and Couture answered it was allowable under “rules of engagement” to be “eating leather,” as he put it. Lesnar dodged the issue.

Yet, earlier, UFC President Dana White said as he watched the barrage he thought, “The ref [Mario Yamasaki] was going, ‘Eh, is [Couture] OK?’ Mario was trying to give him time [to recover]. There’s a fine line between that and [allowing] too many punches. When I saw Randy go back down, I thought we had crossed that line.”

Here’s the deal: it’s not like people don’t know what Mario Yamasaki is like. There’s a reason we nicknamed him Mario ‘Finish Him’ Yamaski, and if you don’t get that reference, then you need to go play some Mortal Kombat. I figured he was picked specifically because the UFC didn’t want the possibility of a premature stoppage fucking things up. Because trust me on this: if Mario had stopped it a bit earlier, everyone would be losing their fucking shit.

Trust me, I don’t like seeing Randy Couture getting wailed on any more than the next guy. But fighters deserve a chance to recover from shit like that and it’s not like Lesnar was unleashing the secrets of Bruce Lee’s one inch punch on Couture’s face. Those were weak ass hammerfists and Mario let them go because they weren’t about to cave Randy’s skull in any time soon.

New fans to the sport might bitch and moan about the humanity of it all, but those of us who have seen main events fizzle on account of a premature stoppage know exactly why Saturday night’s stoppage was fine. We got a clear winner and a new champion without any controversy. Well, without any controversy from those who have some balls.