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Did Pat and Dana kiss and make up?

The UFC is seriously manic. You have 1001 instances where Dana White decides to burn bridges … nay, nuke bridges, with people working in other organizations. Then you have other times where he seemingly extends olive branches to guys like Pat Miletich, who was one of the first guys on board the IFL and was involved in some heavy lawsuits against Zuffa. Moving from the IFL to the UFC, lets get into what some of your other fighters are doing starting with the former welterweight champ, Matt Hughes. Has training started for the title fight against Matt Serra or is he still filming for The Ultimate Fighter?

Miletich: They’re still filming the show right now and Rob Lawler is down there helping him. Matt and I had talked about me going down there and Dana White was receptive to me going down there and helping Matt. But I had some things going on with military people and some meetings I had to take care of and so unfortunately I couldn’t go down there. But they’re still filming and when he gets done with that and he’s ready to start training I’ll be waiting on him.

I have no problems with companies that decide to crush their competition. I only demand they are consistant with their evil powers. Perhaps it was a trap? Would they have shackled Pat up in the basement of the TUF mansion and exposed him to a Clockwork Orange montage of season 4? I think I’d swallow my own tongue after episode 6. Ah well, at least putting him on TUF would have kept him from whoring all over Iowa or some junk.