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Did M-1 blow it?

M-1 is doing a little promotional tour blaming Strikeforce for Fedor’s absence on the CBS Nashville card. There’s no question that Fedor not fighting like originally planned gimped the card’s ratings, which in turn may have killed Strikeforce’s deal with CBS (we’ll find out next week when CBS and the promotion meet). While M-1 might think this puts them into a better negotiating situation, Kid Nate at Bloody Elbow thinks they’ve blown it:

The tragedy of M-1’s hold out was that Fedor was primed for a break out performance on the heels of his dramatic KO win over Brett Rogers. Now I doubt that he’ll have a second bite at the U.S. network television apple. Whatever M-1 Global is doing, they are NOT looking out for what’s best for Fedor’s career. Had he posted even better numbers and more media attention for his second CBS fight, he’d have been a star in the biggest sports market in the world. Now he’ll be a might have been.

It all depends on if Strikeforce gets another kick at the network TV can and if they smooth things over with M-1. But considering M-1’s talent at keeping Fedor from actually fighting, I wouldn’t count on that.