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Did Lorenzo Fertitta just sign Mirko Crocop?

It’s been pretty clear for the past year or so that Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White play a mean game of good cop / bad cop. That was how they used to play Tito Ortiz, and that’s how they dealt with Jon Fitch and AKA. Now it looks like they’ve tried it with Mirko Crocop, and who knows … maybe it worked. From, kindly translated by our pal Robert K:

Exclusive UFC owner visiting Cro Cop in Croatia

Index understands that Lorenzo Fertitta, the head honcho and part owner of the UFC flew to Zagreb with his own private jet earlier this morning. He was driven to Mirko’s residents shortly after, where he stayed for two hours talking with the Croatian fighter. He returned to the airport afterwards, smiling, where his private jet flew off in to an unknown destination.

Filipovic receives an offer he cant refuse

There is no doubt that Fertitta came to Zagreb to persuade the Croatian fighter to change his mind and to sign with the worlds strongest fight sport organization. We understand that Cro Cop has been offered an incredible deal that should see him fight with the UFC once again. Although Filipovic was unavailable for comment, its clear that this is a major development in the ongoing negotiations. We will almost certainly, see CroCop in the world’s strongest organization once again despite the Cro Cop close ties with Dream.

That’s a pretty optomistic view to take having not spoken to Mirko himself, but I’ll take what I can get. Now if only Stary Oskol, Russia had an airport…