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Did Kevin Iole just scoop the interwebs?

From Kevin’s latest mailbag:

Matt Lindland was on an HDNet Fights broadcast recently and told the interviewer that he’s signed on with them.

Yes, the news was delivered via someone mailing Kevin, and it’s apparently repeated news from an HDNet broadcast. But you know how it is with MMA news: it’s not really news until it’s on the web. Then the person who put it up first gets bragging rights. So how the hell did MMA Junkie, Five Ounces, Bloody Elbow, et all miss this news? Just last week I spent a good page or two worth of writing lambasting the mainstream MMA media for never being the first to report anything, and now Kevin Iole of all people breaks this Lindland shit.

Of course, the other possibility is that Kevin Iole printed this without fact checking it and he’s wrong. Anyone know for sure?

  • Xavier says:

    No idea for sure, but I’m going with the “no fact checking, just believed it” side of things. No way Lindland could have announced that on HDnet without someone reporting the shit… fuck, without HDNet fights putting out a press release to begin with!

  • Swedish guy says:

    yeah sounds damn strange. nice renowned addition to their already pretty stacked roster (salmon, dewees…) if true, thought

  • Xavier says:

    How the hell is having Sean Salmon and Edwin Dewees under contract by any means “stacked.” Stacked with what? Human KO reels?

  • Beastieboy says:

    He did sign with HDNet . . . to broadcast SportFight two weeks ago. Maybe he took a payday to fight also, but I haven’t seen it reported.

  • j says:

    Yeah, lindland was referring to signing rights for hdnet to broadcast sportfight, not for him to fight for hdnet fights.

  • Adam says:

    Yeah, during the interview he talks about his meeting with Dana White and how he’s still a free agent and wants to fight. Wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up signing with HDNet but as of right now he’s a FA.

  • Swedish guy says:

    C’mon Xavier… one could rather say I was joking.

  • kentyman says:

    Don’t worry Swedish; the sarcasm wasn’t lost on all of us.

  • kentyman says:

    How the hell could you not know what sarcasm is? Or at least think to look it up online somewhere?

  • Xavier says:

    If it was sarcasm, apologies. Didn’t come across as such.

    Chalk it up to people online being dumb enough to actually say that and mean it, I guess. I could see someone saying that on MMAjunkie and meaning it.