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Did Ken Shamrock take a dive?

The prevailing opinion of many people out there is that Ken Shamrock took a dive at the end of his three and a half minute fight with Buzz Berry. I find this quite humorous because for the life of me I have no idea WHY he would ever do that. This fight has pretty much destroyed any reasonable chance of him making millions to fight Kimbo Slice and his brother Frank. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a testament to Ken’s hype that people think the only way he could have lost is that he threw the fight and went down on purpose.

Of course, the real reason is a lot less interesting and a lot more depressing: Ken Shamrock has developed a glass jaw and his gameplan fucking sucked. Of course there’s also the elephant in the room called ‘age’, but I think that was less of a factor than many people are giving it credit for. His body sure seemed ready, and he didn’t fight long enough to wear out. Perhaps there was some slowing reflexes, but I don’t think the fight went long enough to really see if age was a defining factor.

Simple fact: Somewhere over Shamrocks 15 years of fighting and pro wrestling, he lost the ability to take a shot. The three fights prior to Buzz Berry involved Ken taking a punch to the face and keeling over, only to pop back up moments after defeat. That being known, he was absolutely fucking retarded to stand with Berry. He should have spent the entire fight trying to put Berry on his back where he’d be less exposed. But he didn’t, and a quick little pop to the face ended up cocking him up and the followup strike grazed him and sent poor old Ken to the canvas in the fetal position.

Usually there’s a lot of debate on the internets regarding a fighter’s performance. Trying to get anyone to agree on anything is like trying to broker peace in the Middle east. But in this case, I haven’t come across one blogger that wasn’t pushing for Ken’s retirement. Even Ken nuthuggers on the forums have been surprisingly silent – and these are people who supported Ken through 3 straight years of losses.

I’m part of the crew that agrees : I could excuse Ken for losing to top talent like Ortiz, Franklin, and Sakuraba – all legends in their own rights. But to lose to a guy like Buzz Berry is simply too much. And it’s too bad too – if it wasn’t for Ken’s retarded decisiont to try and stand with Buzz, perhaps we’d be singing a different tune this morning.

  • caspersghost says:

    I felt terrible when Tito made it look like man vs boy in their two fights, they weren’t even close to being competitive. Right then it was obvious to all that all the years of hard living had taken a serious toll on him. It would be a great to see him go into the Hall of Fame for being one of the biggest draws the UFC ever had.

  • Xavier says:

    He was a four to one underdog in a sport heavily gambled on where he alone could effect the result and he has a history of worked bouts.

    Yeah, he had no reason to dive. l-o-l.

  • Xavier says:

    Err, four to one favorite.

  • Mike_N says:

    See, I’m a Ken hugger, and I’ve got nothing here. A lot of Ken’s major losses come with asterisks–Royce II (if there had been judges, Ken would have won), Fujita (was kicking his ass before getting palpitations), Frye (flip a coin for the winner of this fight, but give Frye praise for not tapping out as Ken ripped up most of the ligaments in his lower leg), Tito II and Saku (MAYBE stopped a little too early)–but there’s no asterisk here.

    Unless you’re a conspiracy theorist, Ken just got killed.

  • Oh yeah, Ken took a dive to win some kind of gambling thing. That totally made sense. Oh wait, no it doesn’t. Do you realize the kind of money he would have made off of the Kimbo and Frank Shamrock fights?

    Let’s see what’s more realistic? That Ken set up a network of bets against himself (because there’s no way he’d be able to find single bookies who’d accept enough to make it worth his while) and then took a shitty looking dive to collect, or he just got caught. Come on now.

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Not seen the fight in question yet, but he did take a dive in that fight with Franklin…

  • Xavier says:

    “Do you realize the kind of money he would have made off of the Kimbo and Frank Shamrock fights?”

    Yeah, a hundred grand a-pop while getting utterly mauled by more dangerous fighters over a year period where he’d also have to train. And that’s if he gets past Berry, which deep down he knows might not happen.

    Instead, you’re a four to one favorite for the last time in your long career, you sprinkle around 50K betting against yourself… guess what? You just made as much as you would in the next year of training and fighting those two clowns with one fight against Berry.

    He knows his career is winding down and he seems himself having a great chance to set up one last great payday. If you think that’s unrealistic, then you need to read up on the history of gambling fixes in sports.

    Sonny Liston laughs at your naive protestations.

  • MacDaddy says:

    Well, to be fair fightlinker, if he took a dive it wouldn’t have been for his own bets, it would have been money laid down by guys called “ugly vito” and “nick the nose” and he would just get some flat money from them.

    I agree with you that he would stand to make big money from Kimbo and Frank fights, but the jab-cross combination that took him down in that fight looked *really* suspicious.

  • TKO Todd says:

    Yeah it looked like that punch didn’t even hit him. Maybe it hit Ken’s hand and then Ken’s own hand knocked himself out. Either way it was sad.

  • Xavier says:

    “Ken’s own hand knocked himself out.”

    Well, at least that finally proves that Shamrock’s hands have knockout power. He should concentrate on fighting himself, really.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Ken Shamrock was a fool to stand with Berry. It’s a disgrace that he lost to a 11-7 Cage Rage guy. Ken Shamrock lost to Tito Ortiz three times, Rich Franklin and Sakuraba. There’s nothing wrong with that. But losing to a Cage Rage nobody is very sad. He should retire. Unless he wants Frank Shamrock to kill him.

  • Millertime says:

    BUZZ VS. KIMBO!!!!!!!!!

  • MacDaddy says:

    this is a tremendous test of Gary Shaw’s boxing promoter acumen, to see whether he can be brazen enough to just go ahead and promote Shamrock vs Kimbo anyways, and find some angle to try to legitimize it.

    “Come see the show as an aging warrior, realizing his time has passed, euthanizes himself on the fists of the felony fury…”

  • Mister Akme says:

    With all of his experience, Shamrock used zero head movement and walks straight in. No angles, no feet and no fucking sense.

    Although I am liking the betting conspiracy theory…