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Did DREAM just lose a major sponsor?

More bad news for DREAM, which sucks for them since they haven’t really had any good news in a while now. It looks like sponsorships aren’t just tightening up for fighters … the organizations are also feeling the pinch. The UFC is making ends meet by relaxing it’s stance on gambling-related sponsors. It will be interesting to see how DREAM reacts to this news:

Last year Olympia and Heiwa (Pachinko machine makers, I believe) sponsored all the events. Hence the events were called:

-Heiwa DREAM 1
-Olympia DREAM 2
-Heiwa DREAM 3
-Olympia DREAM 4
-Heiwa DREAM 5
-Olympia DREAM 6

DREAM 7 is only called that… Has DREAM lost their major sponsor, who also used to sponsor HERO’s??

Maybe we’re just jumping at shadows and maybe a new sponsorship deal is in the works, but it would be pretty bad to lose your title sponsor and not be able to find a replacement by the time DREAM 7 happens on March 8th.