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Did Dana White try to get Kurt Angle on TUF?

According to Kurt Angle, he was inches away from showing up on TUF 10:

“[Dana] wanted me ready in five weeks, and I said I need at least three months to get ready… I wanted to be at my best and I didn’t think five weeks was long enough… He wanted me to be on TUF with Kimbo and he though it would be a good program. He doesn’t pay the fighters to be on that show, they have to earn a contract… but he was going to pay me an incredible amount of money to be on that show.” – Kurt Angle

Keep in mind you have to treat everything that comes out of a pro wrestler’s mouth as a goddamn lie. Kurt has a long long long history of bullshit MMA news that goes back through Fightlinker’s entire 5 years of fart jokes and horse cocks. Considering his body is literally falling apart from years of wrasslin and steroid abuse, I’d be terrified if he actually stepped into the cage. One slam and half the muscles in his body would detach from the bone and fold up like windown blinds.

  • CAP says:

    Please no. If there is any truth to his conversations with Dana it just reeks of a shameless grab to get crossover wrasslin fans to watch again. Poopygut showed he can pull that audience and with him out he can’t tap into them. But Angle is way too old and way too busted and waay too roided. Fuck that.

  • frickshun says:

    Complete fallacy.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:


  • kwagnuth says:

     If the UFC was paying what they are paying now when he started his WWE carreer he  probably would have chosen the UFC but that window close a long time ago. Brock was smart to get out when he did but Kurt turned to pain killers instead. Shit he was on death watch when he quit WWE cuz all the drugs he was using people thought he was gonna drop dead.

  • iamphoenix says:

    Mayne one day i can stop hearing about kimbo slice, kurt angle…

  • Royal says:

    Why are we giving Angle coverage?