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Did Cyborg’s camp fuck with the scale?

The strange case of Cris Cyborg missing weight by a mile gets stranger still as Hitomi Akano’s manager accuses Cyborg’s corner of messing with the scale to trick people into thinking Cris hit weight:

Following the initial weigh-in, Cyborg was given until 8 p.m. PST to make the 146-pound limit (one pound over is allowed in non-title fights), but Akano’s manager, Shu Hirata, says they got a call at 6 p.m. instead, saying that Santos was ready to weigh-in.

“When she stepped on the scale with a bikini, she clocked 150.1, then she says she wants to take everything off,” Hirata told in an exclusive interview. “At that moment the male commission guy got out of the room where the scale was, so the entire team for Akano left, and we decided who to send in to check it, and for about 90 seconds or so there was only Cyborg, husband and wife there.

“So the commission female staff came in, then we send Shannon Hooper, one of (Akano’s) cornermen into the room, and they close the door and do the second weigh-in and she’s buck naked. She clocked actually at 144 (pounds) at that time. Then I started complaining, how can a bikini weigh 6 pounds? But they claimed the bikini was wet, and a wet bikini would weigh 6 pounds.”

Akano’s team immediately cried foul, not believing that the 144 pounds read on the scale was correct and another weigh-in took place.

“I didn’t buy that, so I made the commission re-calibrate the scale, and I left Hitomi, Megumi, and Shannon Hooper in the room with her, and the commission female staff, and she took everything off, buck naked, and stepped on and it was still 150.1,” Hirata stated. “I don’t know how the 144 came in there, but obviously the whole strategy it seems like for the Chute Boxe team is they try to claim six pounds is the bikini. There’s no way a bikini weighs six pounds, wet or not wet.”

You’d imagine that fucking with a weigh-in scale would be considered a pretty big issue by the CSAC, but I guess not, huh? It must be nice being a superstar and getting away with whatever you want.