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Diaz/Daley is on for April, HW tourney pushed back to June

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that Paul Daley won his outsourced title qualifier in England over the weekend, crushing Deep champ Yuya Shirai in the first round, as you may observe above.  This fight was to be for the BAMMA welterweight strap, but since Daley missed weight (again), it was downgraded to a non-title 3-rounder.  Not that anyone other than BAMMA themselves gives a shit about that, since we all know what was on the line for Daley in that fight, and it wasn’t some Brit bushleague’s worthless belt.

Not surprisingly, Scott Coker gave not a single shit, and confirmed Tuesday via MMAJunkie that Daley will indeed challenge welterweight champ Nick Diaz on their April 9th card, alongside the long-rumoured Melendez/Kawajiri lightweight title fight.  Coker had been conveniently unfortunately “sick” for the past week and unavailable for comment, allowing rumours to swirl unabated that the heavyweight tournament was being postponed.  The official press release won’t come out until Thursday, but at least he finally admitted what we pretty much already knew… just don’t expect him to admit that it’s largely because of Josh Barnett.  Check out his statement after the jump:

“The overwhelming success in New Jersey set the bar high,” Coker today told in a prepared statement. “With a record pre-sale for Strikeforce tickets and a record viewership on Showtime, we’ve now given ourselves the proper amount of time to promote in one of the country’s biggest markets.”

If we didn’t know about Barnett’s problems that’d sound like a reasonable excuse, but come on, Scott… we know.  And I guess it was just miscommunication that all the guys in the remaining quarterfinals thought they were fighting on April 9th until today.  Well now they can go ahead and reschedule for June 18th in Dallas, where what passes for an athletic commission in Texas conveniently won’t bother to do piss-tests.  Neat how that works out.

According to Twitter, former LHW champ “King Mo” Lawal could also reappear in Dallas, and maybe even Miss Carano.  I guess this is where we’re supposed to be all like “OMG OMG OMG!” with boners over Gina.  Whatevs.

Back to the April 9th card, resident hair-model KJ Noons says that he also expects to get in on that event, wisely returning to lightweight after breaking both his jaw and hand in his last fight with Diaz.  While he doesn’t yet know his opponent, everyone’s favourite Japanasshole Shinya Aoki was coincidentally just added to the card, thus possibly setting up a “classic striker versus grappler match!” for Mauro Ranallo to yell about.  Joining Aoki on his trip back to America is WEC washout and new Dream featherweight champ Hikoyuki Takaya, but since Strikeforce doesn’t officially even have a 145-lb class, who the fuck knows what they’ll do with him.

Also apparently being considered for April is another on-paper mismatch for 4-0 grappling whiz Roger Gracie, this time against former Strikeforce and Dream champion Gegard Mousasi.  Sure, Gracie recently subbed 23-6-1 veteran Trevor Prangley in the first round, but Prangley is no Mousasi.  “Sweet Sassy” currently sports a much more impressive 30-3-1 resume, and is widely considered to be ranked just outside the top-10 in the world.  And unlike the June 18th event, this one is expected to go down somewhere in California, where the only-slightly-sketchy athletic commission may or may not approve of such a huge experience gap.  But if that falls through, Mike Kyle is a possible (and much more appropriate) opponent for Gay-hard instead.

Considering that April 9th is just over 5 weeks away and that card still consists of a grand total of two just-confirmed matches plus a couple rumours, Strikeforce better get its shit together quick, cause they’re getting more and more like Japan all the time.

  • Makinal says:

    i realy dislike coker, he doesnt have any control whatsoever over anything, and strikeforce is suposed to be his organization

  • pewnt says:

    What pisses me off about Coker is that he has less opposition from the UFC than Affliction, or Elite XC*, and yet he still fails due to his complete lack of foresight.

    Barnett is the GOAT for pissing dirty, and you plan events around him. He skips the Feb. 04/11 CSAC meeting, in the process limiting the states he can fight in. You postpone your “Grand Prix” as opposed to giving an alternate (cough Shane Del Rosario cough) the spot. Now Sergei, and Silva are sidelined until Sept/Oct (if the rumors are true) draining any momentum they have built with their last wins.


    Will Sergei, and Silva be compensated for being unable to fight due to Strikeforce’s poor managment?

    Will Coker allow Silva, and Sergei to fight outside Strikeforce to stay active, and if so what happens to the GP if they lose?

    *Notice the lack of counter programming on Spike for the Strikeforce events. None of the major events (recently) have had the “last weeks UFC PPV for free on Spike this Sat” that Elite xc, or Affliction had to compete with.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    damn i wrote about this but since ryan is awol it didnt get posted right away

  • Jim says:

    Daley’s  going to flatline Diaz. Gonna be awesome.

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    Will Coker still not give a shit if Daley misses weight, again, and KO’s his golden boy?

  • CAP says:

    I don’t think many expected the tourney to run smoothly, I had my doubts. I like Coker as a person but wish he could get his shit together. Not sure if it’s expecting too much or does the UFC just make it look easy.

    Sounds like they will put on a quality show, just not the the one we wanted, GP rd 2.

    Sergei already said he was going to fight a couple of times before his next tourney match. A loss outside would really mess shit up but these guys can’t sit around forever.

    But I can look forward to Daley/Diaz. Nick might want to use some jits if he knows what’s good for him. But he’s dum.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    cocker is better off removing barnett from the tourney and bringing in an alternate or fedor seeing as how they are scrambling to find a way to bring him back


    or maybe they are happy to finaly have the upper hand over m1


    diaz vs daley is going to be nuts, wonder if dana will keep his word about daleys permaban if he goes out and beats the best welterweight outside the ufc in nick diaz.

  • G Funk says:

    Can’t keep a black man down for long!

  • Predator8u says:

    “Everything is going as planned, in that NOTHING is going as planned/expected/legitimate”

    Everytime Strikeforce takes a step forward(HW tourney) they get kicked in the balls(by themself) then piss Hot(barnett:).

    I’m Psyhed for the Daiz/Daley. Cant wait to see Daiz close the distance to throw his pepper punches, then get FLASH KO’ed :)

    I just want A legitimate Contender to the UFC and that looks like, its most likely going to be BELLATOR FTW WTF?

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    You mean Bellator with their crappy tv deals and contracts that are more strict than a Mormon family?