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Diaz responds to Mayhem

Hey homie! You think you can put your mug on Nick Diaz on the youtubes and get away with it? Hells to the no! Nick Diaz has already responded to Jason Miller’s recent trash talking with some trashtalking of his own – via webcam in his vehicle, because nothing says street like webcamming ON the street. Soon after the video went up it went back down but fortunately not before &feature=player_embedded” target=”_blank”>MiddleEasy got a copy and Bloody Elbow transcribed it:

“You got your ass whipped by my boy. I didn’t jump you. I didn’t throw the first punch anyways. Why don’t you watch the tape? …You charged my whole team, so you got your ass whooped. That’s what you get.”

“You just run around and you market yourself. You paint your hair, you got that sh*t stripe down the middle of your forehead. …You have a character, you have to walk around and be that assh*le everyday. That’s too bad for you man.”

“I don’t think you can make my weight class anyways. Why don’t you come down to 170 and see what’s up. You can’t even make weight at 170 so why are you talking sh*t dude?”

Jason Miller’s response is pretty much the same as mine: Nick Diaz does realize that he’s set to fight in a MIDDLEWEIGHT tournament this fall, right?

Gif via the UG.

I really hope this fight happens. I think it would be a scrap ending in a 3rd rnd TKO for Diaz.