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Desperate matchmaking = strange fights

File this on the maybe true, maybe not pile until it’s fully announced, but here’s what’s being considered as a main event for the next UFC UK show:

It is strongly rumored that Randy Couture will return to the octagon in the main event at UFC 105 opposite Brandon Vera in a light heavyweight showdown.  After weeks of scrambling for main events and coming up short, the UFC turned to Couture, who was willing to fight the best fighter they could find at 205 pounds.

The UFC originally approached Couture with a bout against Rashad Evans, and Couture accepted, but Evans turned the fight down.  Couture is one of the biggest names to ever appear on a UFC Spike TV show.

The rumor was confirmed by reliable sources close to a number of parties early Sunday morning.

On one hand, UFC 105 needed a decent headliner match and I’m glad to see the UFC has bent over backwards to provide one. But this is some random shit right here. I’m happy to have Randy Couture back so soon and I’ve got a good feeling he’s going to drub Vera, but I will admit the possibility of a jab knocking Couture stupid is making me somewhat apprehensive. You know if Vera wins he’s gonna pull a Mir and pretend he hasn’t been sucking octo-dicks for the past few years. At least Frank Mir had that horrific motorcycle wreck as an excuse. All Brandon has to blame is lots of money and a hot wife.