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Denis Kang left off DREAM card

My brain is playing tricks on me. I completely forgot that Denis Kang was supposed to fight at the next DREAM. I could have also sworn that I saw Denis’ picture in the DREAM.5 promotional material, but now he’s gone. I dunno if he was taken off or if he was never there in the first place. If it was the latter, then that should have been a warning sign that DREAM was going to drop him, which is exactly what happened:

Kang told he learned of the change last week. Until that time he had not been given an opponent by Dream’s promoter, Fight Entertainment Group. He’s still in the dark about the reason for his dismissal.

“I have no idea,” Kang responded. “I was feeling really good for this fight, I was peaking really well.”

Goddamn it must suck to train your ass off and then have some douchebag in a suit tell you they’ve made an administrative decision to take you off the card two weeks before the event. Shit like that happens all the time with DREAM … you’re on then you’re off or they just decide to completely switch your opponent at the last second. If I was Kang, I’d fly out to Japan and tell them it’s either somebody in the ring or somebody in the office who’s getting their ass kicked.