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Democrats use MMA to smear Matt Lindland

Y’all have probably already seen the above ad from Oregon’s democratic state house candidate Suzanne Van Orman where she uses Lindland’s cagefighting career against him. Van Orman is a lot smarter than the dude Lindland beat to become the republican candidate … he tried to convince people Matt was a felon based on him salvaging food from a grocery store trash bin for his wrestling team. Van Orman goes simple and simply puts ‘ultimate fighting’ out there to scare the bejeezus out of old people.

There are those who like to point out that Lindland’s MMA career comes on the tail of Olympic experience, but while Van Orman probably doesn’t want to play up that fact (what with Phelps mania still hanging around like a bad case of the clap), there’s still enough dirty laundry in that specific pile to hurt Lindland too:

During the Olympic trials in Dallas,Texas, Lindland wrestled Keith Sieracki in a 167 1/2-pound qualifying match. During the match, it appears that Lindland bit down on Sieracki’s ear. From the New York Times:

Though not conclusive, the tape, viewed by The Associated Press, showed Lindland making a deliberate move toward Sieracki’s right ear as the two wrestlers jostle for leverage. Sieracki immediately jumped back in protest, and close-up footage showed a small amount of blood coming from the ear.


The incident in question happens to be on YouTube (natch). So as Bob Costas himself might say, let’s go to the videotape!

There’s more to the story than that … Lindland contested the fight over foot trips and won the rematch, then sued to replace the guy he bit on the Olympic team. Awesome. This link was taken from a very pro-democrat website, but the facts on the bite and the suing are solid. For less balanced pro-democratic wankery on Matt’s campaign, check here. For Matt Lindland’s political website, go here.