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Demian Maia tools Nate Quarry

Jesus fucking Christ. Demian Maia just subbed out Nate Quarry in two fucking minutes. He didn’t mess around … he came out and immediately shot in. Quarry did a good job of sprawling but Maia tied up his arms, dropped down and then pulled Quarry on top of him. Nate tried to pull himself out but Maia pushed him over and ended up in side control. And then two seconds later he was in mount. And two seconds later he had Quarry’s back. See this getting worse for Nate? Yeah, it ain’t done yet.

Maia locked in a body triangle and started choke diving. Nate did a decent job of defending for a while but I get the feeling that he felt there was too much time to ride out the clock and got sloppy trying to escape his position. Maia sunk in the rear naked choke, and Nate tapped.

I was doubting Maia’s chances at winning because I figured he was gonna be a dummy and try to trade with Quarry. I also underestimated his jiu jitsu chops in regards to his takedown abilities. The moves he used to force Quarry down were slick. I’m still concerned to see what happens when someone manages to keep Maia away and hits him a few times with bombs. But this time, Maia has passed the test against a power striker with flying colors.