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If Liddell vs Couture 4 had you wondering if Zuffa was simply trying to squeeze as much juice out of their prize oranges before they went bad, then this should be confirmation: the WEC is setting up Urijah Faber vs Jens Pulver 2 for Sunday, January 25th.

While Couture / Liddell has the added drama of wondering if Chuck is too washed up to defeat a man he beat twice before, a match between Faber and Pulver doesn’t really have that dynamic to it. Pulver just lost again to Leonard Garcia in decisive fashion, and while Faber did just lose to Mike Brown, everyone has basically agreed that it was a freak occurance. The chasm of skill and promise between Faber and Pulver is still as wide as ever.

Still, I’m not gonna complain too much about the situation. We could get to watch Pulver destroy some poor random featherweight before getting a rematch for his title, or we can watch him pound on Pulver again. I’ll take Pulver, thank you very much.

The obvious reason for this fight is to stimulate ratings, which went from a dizzying high 1.4 the last time Fabes and Lil Evil fought down to .4 for the last WEC. Still, will the WEC be able to pull anywhere near the same numbers for what is looking like a Sunday night rerun? And let’s not forget the unprecidented media push for the first fight. Will the WEC go balls to the walls again?

If you want to hear my crazy ass tinfoil hat theory – and keep in mind this is nothing but me bending over and squeezing my butt cheeks to make it look like my ass is speaking – here it goes: Zuffa is going to move the WEC to Saturday night so it’s competing against Affliction. AND they’re gonna add Gina Carano vs Cris Cyborg to the card. Is this crazy? Yeah. Could it happen. Yeah, it could. But that’s just me talking out my ass right there.