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Decisions, decisions.

If it seemed like you were seeing a lot of decisions last night, it’s because you were:

Though the show was short on thrilling stoppages, the fans certainly got their money’s worth when it came to total fight time. UFC 94’s eight decisions broke the previous record of six, held by UFC 33, Fight Night 4, Fight Night 7, UFC 76, UFC 87, UFC 89, and UFC 90. No previous UFC event has ever featured more than two split decisions — UFC 94 had five, a record that hopefully will never be broken.

Fortunately, the decisions didn’t keep the show from running overtime. In this case it was Lyoto Machida who was the hero, finishing Thiago Silva in 5 minutes saving the UFC from the possibility of having GSP / Penn go past 1AM. I dunno if the PPV providers would have pulled the plug or not, but that’s what they used to do in the past and it’s fucked the UFC over more than once.