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Decent Irish fighters needed

Just to highlight for you how thin the talent pool is in Ireland: remember that Irish kid on the card who was so raw he made his 21 year old opponent look like an experienced veteran in comparison? The UFC apparently loved him:

Sources indicate that the UFC was highly impressed with Egan, who was 3-0 heading into his bout with Hathaway. It is believed that the company was looking at the young fighter as someone who could help anchor future shows in Ireland.

Tom Egan isn’t an anchor … he isn’t even a paperweight. I understand that the UFC needs to put some local flavor on it’s cards and I’m generally okay with that. But lately it’s started to get pretty ridiculous. Neil Wain looked more like a guy grabbed out of a chip shop and shoved into the cage at UFC 89. And from what we saw of him on the weekend, Egan would have a hard time surviving on a backwater card in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, let alone the UFC.

There must be better local talent out there for the UFC to add onto it’s UK / Ireland cards. It’d be nice to think that all the really good guys are getting funneled into this season’s TUF, but for some reason I’m feeling slightly skeptical.