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One of the main reasons I am not as prolific as I could be is my harrowing addiction to Google Reader. In addition to Fightlinker, I subscribe to most of the main MMA blogs, and fifty plus other RSS feeds ranging in subjects from photography and art to power tools and satire and even very sexy people. I browse my feed reader several times a day, mostly looking for inspiration and keeping up on the disasters of the world. Imagine my surprise then, when following a link in one of my design feeds Kaliber10000 to work of an artist by the name of The Decapitator to find a beheaded Ken Shamrock in London. My art world colliding with my MMA work, it isn’t just another wacky Cage Rage poster beheaded. It is the poster for Shamrock vs Buzz Berry back in March that used my photograph of Ken Shamrock I shot in the cramped conference room of his manager’s law office in San Diego.


How effin’ cool is that?

I immediately comment on the Decapitator’s Flickr page, and he or she writes back to me, glad that I enjoyed the piece. My photos pop up in EliteXC posters every now and then, and their “life” is rather short. Usually the poster is released a few weeks before the event and they are distributed to a couple of gyms, to the fighters on the card, and brought to the event. The event occurs and that’s that. I never really get to see any of my work out in the world, so the discovery of the Decapitator is doubly awesome. When you’re a staff photographer, you often relinquish the rights to your work and aren’t informed when or how that work is used. I never knew my photo was used in that poster, so that was neat (though not sure about the design there), and it’s even better to know it was used in such an expression.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been on Kimbo Slice’s trail, shot an open workout with him and Gina Carano, and lent a hand with a shoot for Ken Shamrock so I’ll stop reading so much and get to reporting on what’s going on in front of my lens as of late.