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Deaf guy ass whuppin at UFC 75

Lots of people are complaining about the Michael Bisping / Matt Hamill fight they’ve just announced for UFC 75. While I do admit that it seems like a gimme for Bisping, I’m all right with it. You see, I hate Matt Hamill. No, not because he’s deaf … I hate blind people, not deaf people. It’s because he’s an arrogant wrestler who thinks his amateur wrestling will pave the way for UFC success.

But one thing The Ultimate Fighter showed me about Hamill is one good punch and he turns into the world’s largest vagina. Considering the firepower Bisping brings to the table, I look forward to seeing Hamill get beaten so badly he’ll leave the UFC with his tail tucked between his legs. Hey, if he does come back, I’ll be the first to admit the kid has heart. But I don’t think he does.

  • Jonathan says:

    I have never actually seen Matt Hamill fight. All I know is that he is strong in the Force and that he is deaf.

  • Maybe Mark Hamill will corner Matt Hamill. You’d have to go back to the TUF show to see him fight … he’s a stereotypical wrestler. No striking skills, bad JJ defense, and no creativity in the ring. I’ve wanted to see him lose for a while, so this makes me happy.

  • Jonathan says:

    I was the same way with Sean Salmon…he fit the same mold and I didn’t like hims as much as say, Rashad Evans or Mark Coleman (he fits the same mold).

    The Coleman thing was a joke. I have always disliked him.

    And I have not seen any of the TUF shows…ever…any of the seasons.

  • It’s better than your average reality show, but not by much.

  • intenso says:

    If I didn’t watch TUF I would have never seen the Gideon Ray vs. Edwin Dewees bloodbath and my life would be incomplete.

  • Jonathan says:

    I have equal disdain for all reality shows equally…I hate them all!

  • maafaka says:

    i wanted to say this for a while but this one really makes me wanna shout it loud : I HAVE FOUND MY MMA SITE …no strings attached, babay
    thx for fucking talking out loud
    you have a french fan in me

  • Haha nothing like celebrating the beating of deafs to bring people together.

  • Luke says:

    lol @ “deafs”

  • Jonathan says:

    If we’re going to make fun of anyone with a “deaf” problem, then we really shouldn’t be writing it down on a forum and instead saying it out loud. They can read…they can’t hear.

  • I’ll have to remember to mock them in the next podcast then

  • Jonathan says:

    Exactly! Now you’re getting it!

  • Andrej says:

    Sad, but why would you say Matt Hamill dose not stand a chance? He fight’ s out of a good camp in team punishment. but I agree he hasn’t fought any one worth a crap so I don’t like his chance’s against Michael Bisping.

  • joe kurtz says:

    Oh goodie!
    I can’t wait to see Bisping take his bloody head off!
    I, like obviously many others, quickly grew sick & tired of all Tito’s favoratism & grotesque amounts of “man love” for Hamill on TUF. ESPECIALLY the ridiculous amount of coddling he got after getting his world rocked in sparring during that one episode. I half expected to see Ortiz call his woman Jenna up to give the little baby some oral attention in order to get Hamill to stop feeling so sorry for himself.
    Actually, from the way he was acting toward the kid, I wouldn’t have been shocked to see Tito drop to his knees himself!

    Oh, Hamill was acting like fucking Superman during all those take down & wrestling drills, even showing off his skills with his hands behing his back. But, crack him one on the chin & went off crying to his “daddy” Tito … UGH!

    Sorry, call it cruel, but I hope Bisping sends Hamill into MMA retirement.

  • Mike says:

    The English can’t fight. Only pick on deaf people and pay off judges. The big middle finger to your whole country.

  • Fight Angel says:


  • Fight Angel says:

    You guys really are jackasses. Deafness is just the worst and most difficult handicap to live with. It is worse than blindness even. Deaf people can seem different because of the social aspects of deafness. I bet Matt Hamill could kick all your scrawny asses….with his eyes closed. Nitwits.

  • I’m pretty sure 99 out of 100 people would say they’d rather be deaf than blind. The 1 out of 100 would apparently be … um … you. We’re jerks and proud of it … the whole site is kinda tongue in cheek if you hadn’t noticed.

    But i do have to admit now … the kid’s officially got heart! 😉