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Deadspin calls bullshit on Lloyd Irvin thingy

Luke Thomas has a bee in his bonnet over how Deadspin has basically accused Lloyd Irvin of fabricating that home invasion story from last week:

Meet Lloyd Irvin, the 2008 IBJJF World No-Gi Champion in the super-heavyweight division, who is also involved in training MMA and UFC stars at his Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Maryland, among them UFC star Brandon Vera. In an “exclusive” with MMA site Bloody Elbow (your most trusted source for news), Lloyd tells of how gunmen broke into his home and held his wife, 4-year-old son and — surprise! — Vera, hostage in a robbery attempt. Then things went very Walker, Texas Ranger.

Forgive me for being skeptical, and if this really happened, both Steven Seagal and I salute your bravery, Mr. Irvin. But it’s hard to take a story seriously that 1. Hasn’t run in any newspaper, even though it happened more than a week ago, 2. Has been reported only by an MMA site and a few message boards, and 3. Just happens to be tremendous advertising for your business, a martial arts studio. Hard to imagine someone with stones large enough to fake all of this, but some independent verification would be nice, and I can’t find any.

Did you notice the dig on Bloody Elbow in there too? Classy stuff, especially considering I’d trust Luke over Deadspin any day of the week and twice on Sunday. As usual, Luke is extra entertaining when he gets into a froth … personally I think he should get someone to slap him in the face and then douse him with freezing water every time he preps for writing a post. It’s more entertaining that way. Here’s but a small slice of his rebuke:

I can get over the fact that this site was slandered for “comedic” effect. I believe this site is one of the top destinations for MMA fans worldwide, but when sports writers who know nothing about MMA don’t recognize that it isn’t the end of the world. We have growing to do. The Internet is a prickly place and someone’s always going to squeeze a lemon.

It’s also a reasonable concern that the larger newspapers like the Washington Post didn’t pick up on the story. So, healthy skepticism and swipes at other blogs is nothing to worked up over. But to do – literally – nothing more than read our story/a few message board posts by know-nothings and dismissively suggest with no knowledge of the people involved or without any independent homework on his own that Irvin is so unethical as to use my site and me, a member of Team Lloyd Irvin, to further his own marketing efforts by fabricating out of whole cloth a tragic incident that never happened is abhorrent and pathetic.

There’s other stuff in there, like confirmation that the story is real and that there is a police file on it. But again, I’ve already accepted the fact that the situation went down as posted because Luke is pretty hardcore about getting his facts right, since he’s striving for that whole ‘legitimacy’ angle.