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Dead fetus isn’t Rampage’s fault

If you told me I’d be writing a headline like the one above 6 months ago I would … well, truthfully it wouldn’t surprise me. Very little does any more. Still, I suppose the above headline is far better than “Dead fetus is definitely Rampage’s fault.” Here’s the deets:

Notably absent were charges related to Holli Griggs, a passenger in one of the cars that Jackson sideswiped. Griggs was 16 weeks pregnant with a boy when she miscarried two weeks after the incident. Orange County DA spokeswoman Farrah Emami told that a subsequent investigation of the miscarriage did not implicate Jackson.

“We reviewed all the medical records and spoke with the victim’s physician, and the evidence showed that the loss of the fetus was not related to or a result of the crash caused by the defendant,” Emami said.

So it seems like Dana White was right – he might have played down the damage done to Griggs’ vehicle but it wasn’t severe enough to cause the end of her pregnancy. That doesn’t mean Rampage is out of the woods by any means, but it does imply that it will be a lot easier to get him through this without any jail time.