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De La Hoya’s coming back

Holy shit … two boxing posts in one day! It’s like Christmas comes twice. Well, to be fair to all my boxing-hating readers, this is pretty big news. Originally there was talk that Oscar de la Hoya would come out of retirement to fight Ricky Hatton. Well, it looks like Mayweather’s rout of Hatton has made that megafight null, and now De La Hoya has set his sights on another fighter: Miguel Cotto.

This was all mentioned on Max Kellerman’s radio show, buttressed by the idea that Cotto should have fought Mayweather first for some reason because “Cotto is very beatable”. Well hey … I know the idea in boxing is to pick the most marketable guy who doesn’t stand a chance, but if you want things to make sense, you have Cotto vs De La Hoya with Cotta getting a shot at Mayweather if he wins. That way even if Cotto doesn’t have much of a chance, at least he earned a shot. Right now Mayweather’s number 1, with De La Hoya sitting number 2. You want a shot at number 1? You should have to go through number 2 first.

  • Jordan Breen says:

    Cotto is the most worthy challenger to Mayweather right now and likely has the best style and arsenal to compete with Floyd at 147 and below. The only way Cotto-De la Hoya is tolerable is if Cotto wins and fights Mayweather.

  • Tommy says:

    Fuck Cotto. He is a very marketable but very beatable guy. Just gets hit too damn much. When they start talking about fighting Paul Williams, I’ll take notice and might even get impressed at their sudden spontaneous growth of balls. He is the future of the welterweight division that nobody wants to give a shot. Don’t have enough fans to bring in his share of fans & dollars but will whoop anyone (in my opinion) in that weight class.

  • Tommy says:

    By the way De la Hoya is not number two Cotto is. In fact Mosley is number 3 for some dumb reason while Williams is 4’th. (at 147lb) Paul will beat the lot of them.

  • Jordan Breen says:

    Williams faded drasticaly down the stretch against a guy far more flawed than Cotto in Margarito. Why? Body work. Williams has respectable power but not enough power to keep Cotto at bay constantly, and if Williams struggled against Margarito’s body attack, well… yeah. Williams has a ton of upside but Cotto would likely hand him his ass right now unless he develops a vastly improved game immediately.

  • Jordan Breen says:

    Also, in regard to Williams being fourth, I assume you’re looking at the Boxrec ratings, which are certainly nothing to concern yourself with since they’re computer generated garbage.

  • Tommy says:

    Your right cause for the WBO he’s ranked #1 Ranked #2 in WBC Like 3 or 4 in the IBF, 4th or 5th in the WBA. He has beat anyone you can mention. Yeah sure he doesn’t deserve his ranking. Cotto gets hit too much (and hurt) by short armed (less powered) people like Zab with a 72in reach, Mosley with a 74in. Cotto has a 67incher and stands 5’7. Floyd has like 5’8 has a 71in and beat Hatton who has only a 65in and is like 5’5 and a natural light welter. Williams is powerful, young at 26 so still learning, 6’1 with an 83in reach only went pro in 2000. I like Cotto but Williams is the future of this division.

  • Tommy says:

    Hey Link, is the only way back to the front page is to hit the back button? There’s no home click anymore?

  • Jordan Breen says:

    The sanctioning body rankings are even more useless than boxrec’s.

    And, boxing just isn’t a reach contest. Against Mosley, Cotto showed a pretty diverse arsenal. He definitely has the tools to get inside on Williams, and Williams struggled to be effective in close because of his length. Long arms and can be a blessing and a curse, because against advancing fighters, it’s often difficult to use good punching mechanics to land powerful shots. It’s something which was clearly evident in Williams’ game against Margarito. Again, Williams has ton of upside and is only going to keep improving, but Cotto is one of the last guys he should be pursuing right now. That said, he’s going to pistolwhip Quintana and Cintron.

  • Tommy says:

    We gotta go with someones ranking. I mean shit you tell me where he should be ranked. Yes it can be a disadvantage as well but after a couple more fights he will be unstoppable at 147. In my opinion. But truthfully what the fuck do I know. I put $250 on Chuck to beat Silva. Can’t seem to stop believing in the guy.

  • Tommy, you probably switched to the Fightlinker 4.0 theme, which isn’t really meant for public consumption yet. Scroll down to the ‘themes’ menu in the sidebar and choose ‘freshblueidea’ … that’s the default theme which has all the working links etc

  • Jordan Breen says:

    The Ring rankings or even Dan Rafael’s rankings or something like that would be a little more solid in terms of hashing out a guy’s objective standing in his division.

  • Yeah, but De La Hoya was taken off the rankings when he retired. But wasn’t he considered right up there in terms of top fighters? I know he’s got five losses to cotto’s 0, but he’s also fought way better opponents. Boxing is all about undefeated guys but if it’s a big question mark as to whether cotto can get past De La Hoya, then the fight seems legitimate as a set up for Cotto to fight Mayweather if he wins.

    I think people are just a bit sour that the guy they think can beat Mayweather has to get past De La Hoya to do it (and god knows, Floyd may not stick around long enough to actually take him on if it takes too long)

  • (also note that I know very little about boxing so i might be talking out my anus)

  • ajadoniz says:

    teehee, you said number 2!

  • Jonathan says:

    I think that boxing does not need to be on this webpage. It makes you look bad Fightlinker.

  • it’s a fight sport. we’re a fight linker. We also cover robot fighting too!

  • Jordan Breen says:

    Mayweather is the lineal, true welterweight champion of the world. De la Hoya talks about making 147 again, but hasn’t done so in forever and even with the Cotto talk accelerating, I’m still skeptical. So, in the division, Cotto is far more worthy than Oscar, and moreover, he’s become a young, exciting, undefeated two division champ and a legit P4P entrant in the time that Oscar has gotten his liver smashed by Hopkins, beat up Mayorga, and punched Floyd in the arm 300 times.

  • Tommy says:

    Thanks Link. I switched it.
    Jordan, what are you talking about? I looked up your site and they have Williams at 3rd behind only Mayweather and Cotto. So how is everyone else so far off? He’s a contender and a future champ.

  • Okay let’s look at it like this. You got Brandon Vera, he’s this young hotshot who’s technically #2. You have a choice of putting him up against Tim Sylvia who’s number one, but boring as hell. Or having him go through Randy Couture first, who’s coming out of retirement for the fight. What do you choose? and what makes the fans happier?

  • Vee says:

    Did Oscar De La Hoya ever beat Sugar Shane Mosley??
    I know that the boxing math or MMAMath does not always apply, but I do not think Oscar can beat the younger lion that is Miguel Cotto in an unanimous decision, let alone split or TKO.
    Will Oscar truly bring the fight to Cotto for 12 rounds and make the fight some what interesting like Mosley? I’m not so sure about that.

    The only boxing match that will have my interest is Mayweather vs Cotto.

  • Jordan Breen says:

    “Jordan, what are you talking about? I looked up your site and they have Williams at 3rd behind only Mayweather and Cotto. So how is everyone else so far off? He’s a contender and a future champ.”

    I’m not sure what “my site” is, but third sounds about right for Williams. The win over Margarito is more significant than anything Mosley has done lately, and Cintron doesn’t have much of a resume and one of his better recent wins is sloppy seconds from Williams in the form of Walter Mathysse. However, being the third ranked welterweight doesn’t really mean that Cotto wouldn’t punch his liver out.

    And link, Cotto-Mayweather isn’t even remotely analogous to a Vera-Sylvia fight. Cotto is far more accomplished than Vera is respectively, and neither guy is a star. If Cotto-Mayweather happened the day before the Puerto Rican parade, it would be massive. Cotto is the new folk hero of Puerto Rico, and has a very solid following in drawing live audiences and buyrates, with the Mosley fight drawing 400,000 buys.

    Cotto-De la Hoya would certainly draw, and be a good fight. But in terms of balancing what will make money, and what is important and at the root competition, Cotto-Mayweather is THE fight. It still draws big money, but in this case, you have two undefeated pound-for-pounders, number one and two in their division, going at it in an intriguing style clash for the true welterweight championship of the world. Cotto-De la Hoya isn’t double-barrelled like that.

  • Accomando says:

    Cotto/De La Hoya would be Mexicanos contra Puerto Riquenos, it would be huge.

    Cotto most likely would abuse De La Hoya. Cotto does have a suspect chin, but, his heart is second to none. It’s heart which picks you up off the canvas, and Cotto has done it everytime he has been dropped. I mean, Cotto is in his prime and De la Hoya is no where near his prime. I think it would be competitve early on, but Cotto would wear De La Hoya down in the last 4 rounds.

    Cotto Unanimus Decision.

    Jordan Breen, do you ever spend a single second not watching some kind of fight? Your range of knowledge is impressive, yet psychotic at the same time.

  • Big D D says:

    must have been boxing day in canada or something….Wtf is Boxing Day?

  • Wu Tang says:

    So what your saying?!? Vera vs De la Hoya in a boxing match, then switch to chess match, then switching to MMA match??? And.. Did i read this right…. The winner will get our infamous Orange [email protected]!!!11111

  • MacDaddy says:

    What’s he going to wear?