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De La Hoya schools the UFC

For those of you who say boxing is dead, boxing sucks, stop talking about boxing, boxing ate my baby etc, take a look at the numbers on De La Hoya vs Mayweather:

The event grossed $165 million overall including pay-per-view, live gate ($18.4 million), closed circuit TV ($1.4 million), sports bar and restaurant rights fees ($4.6 million), and undisclosed merchandise and TV rights fees. To put that number in perspective, Zuffa is believed to have grossed $190 million total last year.

So with one fight, boxing grossed 25 million less than the UFC grossed in an entire year. Yeah, De La Hoya / Mayweather was an anomaly, but it still goes to show you the kind of numbers boxing can draw when they aren’t busy shooting themselves in the foot.

  • el feo says:

    yeah, and the fight sucked. I have become a boxing fan again this year, from watching guys like Hatton, Pavlik and Calzaghe on HBO. I still wouldn’t order a PPV (yet) but i will watch Mayweather-Hatton at a pub.

  • jd says:

    So that tells me.. a bunch of people got to watch boxing suck.

    This might be good for the UFC.

  • Swedish guy says:

    People liking boxing doesn’t in any way mean boxing doesn’t suck. Look at those goddamn crocs shoes (which maddox included in his latest update!) that everybody seem to wear. Those motherfuckers give me eye-cancer everytime I see them.

  • ilostmydog says:

    They’ve gotta start paying MMA fighters $20 million a fight. My heroes aren’t making enough money!

  • intenso says:

    There are just a lot more casual boxing fans because the sport has been around a lot longer. Boxing is still what middle aged white dudes get together to watch.

  • Beau says:

    It’s all De La Hoya. The Golden Boy could fight a homeless gimp and sell millions in PPV. The guy is a super star. Now, try to find any other boxer that can put up these numbers. How did the Paquio vs Barrera fight do in PPV? Probably worse than a typical UFC PPV. Once De La Hoya stops fighting I dont think you’ll see any boxing PPV outperfrom a UFC ppv.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    ppl are stupid

    wait til all my and Virgil’s fans start watching because of Brock Lesnar.

    Oscar De La Hoya vs Andy Wang in a dark dirty alley, who wins?

  • Vee says:

    I still watch and love boxing. I still watch the older matches and even the unknown Tuesday night fights. I think it would be interesting to see a boxer with marketability make the transition into MMA, in their prime.
    Boxing just like MMA needs big names. Boxing simply has more and a longer history with proven success. MMA will eventually catch up and begin to make bigger ppv sales but not right now.

    I’m psyched for Mayweather vs. Hatton!
    Will Hatton force a fight and make Mayweather exchange and trade blows? Or will Mayweather speed and style confuse Hatton? I don’t see Mayweather knocking down Hatton and we all know Floyd will be cautious in the ring.

    In the mean time, people like Jim Lampley should simply shut up and focus on trying not to hit his girlfriend.

    Win or lose, Brock Lesnar will not only help UFC’s bottom line, but it will also help the careers of his opponents.

  • marshal says:

    boxing ate my baby….too soon FL