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Days of Our Lives: WCO Edition

I loves me a scrapped fighting event … they’re always followed with all sorts of fun occurrences. Like when the Brawl for it All show was canceled, Don Frye got into a fistfight with some pseudo-celebrity’s boxing coach or something. And now with the WCO show being canceled, everyone involved is turning on eachother like the snakes they are.

The most interesting thing to come out of all this is the fact that the WCO didn’t even have their own promoting license … they were using Valor Fighting’s. Which of course makes perfect sense. When I want to drive a car but my license is expired, I just borrow Jake’s license and that’s just fine! Well, unless the cops stop me. And then I gotta screw my face up real ugly like and hope I can pull off Jake’s cross eyed look well enough.

The other bit of info that’s interesting to hear is that the WCO guys might actually have had the money up front but once the whole license switcheroo was exposed, the whole thing was null and void. I’ve added organization tags to the following quote to make it easier for y’all to follow:

After the investor pulled out, Bassman (Valor) said Bellocchi (WCO) rushed to deposit $225,000 into his bank to allow the show to go on.

Garcia (CSAC) confirmed the presence of funds with Wells Fargo, but said money would not have been available until Jan. 24 so long as none was removed from the account prior to that date and the deposited sum didn’t bounce.

Even if Bellocchi (WCO) had cash in hand Saturday, it wouldn’t have mattered. “I couldn’t use that money anyway because that wasn’t Rick Bassman’s (Valor’s) money,” said Garcia. “That was Bruce Bellocchi’s (WCO’s) account.”

That “if the money didn’t bounce” is a pretty big fucking “if”, but I still find it interesting that there was a good chance the money was secured but the CSAC fucked the WCO over on technicalities.

Again, I don’t have much sympathy for the WCO, but I find it interesting that the CSAC keeps on pulling event plugs on the day of the event. You’d imagine an organized commission would have everything laid out properly so that by the week of the event everything is settled. None of this barring fighters a day before the event shit. No dramatic post-weigh in cancellations. But hey, that’s just me and what do I know? The CSAC has proven itself over and over again to be a fair and competent, so I’m sure they did everything by the book this time too.

Ow. I think I just broke my sarcasm bone.

**UPDATE** I fucked up and put WFO in this post a few times.

  • fightfan says:

    Yeah, the CSAC sure seems like they run some kind of Mickey Mouse organization in which no one really know what the fuck is going on! Agreed the WCO is pretty shady itself, but to have weigh ins that take 5 hours, then to cancel the next day(NIGHT OF THE SHOW) is pretty goddamnrefuckingdiculis.

  • dignan says:

    Who said what to whom now?

  • pauli says:

    wait, the wfo is involved in the wco?

  • Xavier says:

    Usually Fightlinker does a good job with these summations, but not this time. Read the entire Sherdog article as there’s a crapload of information that was left out that makes the guy behind the WCO (Some pro-wrestling carny) look like a retard, not the CSAC.

    CSAC does some dumb shit, but this one isn’t one of them despite the attempt at muckraking.

  • igorpunck says:

    Im surprised these jokers were able to attract major fighters. I just want to see Babalu fight again.

  • Eddie Colon says:

    The reason the ill fated WCO show was able to draw so many fighters you ask? Ken Pavia basically booked his entire stable to fight that night. Talk about doing your due diligence. 20 per cent of jack shit is jack shit.
    Then Baroni snuck off behind Pavia’s back and booked himself a fight in Japan while Luke Cummo was picking
    pieces of corn and colon out of Pavia’s feces in new York. The whoe situation is absurd, unprofessional,
    and comical.

  • Roxy says:

    That is rediculous! They weighed in and everything!

  • Elfenstein says:

    is this the show they talked about on inside mma – being promoted by the shady looking ex-boxer ?