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“The day Nick’s not in the UFC he’s testing positive”

If you were wondering who foster’s Nick and Nate Diaz’s don’t give a fuck attitude, you don’t have to look much further than Cesar Gracie. In a world of whitewashed Gracie history, he’s one of the few members of the family who’s still perfectly fine about being a dick in public. Here’s his latest outburst, where he basically accuses the UFC and the Nevada State Athletic commission of collusion:

“Obviously he wasn’t stoned for Gomi, but Nevada State with that idiot over there. I can’t remember his name. The little moron guy that was only an athletic commissioner guy because his daddy owned the hotel. He was pathetic and he wanted to make an example of Nick because, who knows?

“There are theories. Nick wasn’t in the UFC. The day Nick’s not in the UFC he’s testing positive. That was kind of a weird thing because he always smoked the night before (UFC fights). Then all of a sudden he’s in Pride and he’s testing positive. Oh we’re going to take your win away,” alleged Gracie.

“Pride actually paid him a win bonus after he tested positive. They said, ‘nah, this is just a bunch of Nevada (expletive), and he won that fight.’ He got the win bonus and he went on from there.”

Another Gracie, Royce, actually said a similar thing about California’s athletic commission, implying his positive test for nandrolone after K-1 Dynamite USA was some sort of conspiracy on the UFC’s part as well. While I really doubt that’s the case (it’s more likely that pre-boom no one cared about weed and Royce is just a liar), here’s some further interesting facts for you tinfoil hat types: Lorenzo Fertitta is on the NSAC board, former NSAC head Marc Ratner is now the head of the UFC’s regulatory division, and disgraced CSAC head Armando Garcia now works for the Fertittas (which is another bit of news Cesar Gracie griped about earlier).

(pic via Sherdog)