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David ‘The Crow’ Loiseau contemplating TUF tryouts

I know, I know; it’s a little ridiculous to be talking about season 11 when the season before it is all of three episodes (and, apparently, one Kimbo fight) old. It’s kind of like talking about how much MORE ass my Denver Broncos will kick in 2010 in terms of prematurity. However, I felt like this potential participant in the potential middleweight/welterweight season following this one bore a mention, courtesy of MMA FanHouse:

When FanHouse spoke to David Loiseau recently about his MMA future, “The Crow” was still focused on continuing his career with the UFC despite getting cut by the organization in April. And according to Loiseau’s agent, Ken Pavia, Loiseau thinks that trying out for the eleventh season of The Ultimate Fighter provides his best chance at getting back into the UFC.

“He’s committed to doing whatever it takes to get back into a major show, and that includes submitting an application for the next TUF season,” Pavia told FanHouse on Tuesday…

Pavia said that Loiseau plans on submitting his application on Tuesday evening.

“Of course UFC, man. Of course,” Loiseau responded when asked where he would like to fight next. “I’d love to go back, you know, just to get another chance to do what I do.”

The Crow, you might recall, was brought on for the foot stomp-free UFC 97 in Montreal, but was cut after losing a fairly lopsided decision to Ed ‘Tito didn’t pick me’ Herman. I honestly though Loiseau was older than he actually is – dude is 29, for fuck’s sake. It just seems different because his UFC debut was back in 2003. As a frame of reference, in the beginning of 2003, Iraq had yet to be admitted as the 51st State. Long time ago, right?

The tryouts nor the weight classes have been officially confirmed by Zuffa as of right now, but I hope it’s all true and I’m behind it if it is. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a veteran trying to get off the shnide providing guidance, wisdom, experience and, most importantly, a unique challenge to a house otherwise full of novices. Spare me the ‘it takes a spot away from a prospect!’ – be accurate. It takes away the very last spot from a prospect. If the number goes from 16 to 15 because Loiseau thinks he’s got something left in the tank and you’re the guy that gets the ax, I kind of think I won’t be missing much due to your absence.  I’d rather gamble on the chance, however slim, that the kind of shit in that video up there is still possible.