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Dave Meltzer’s vision of the LHW division sucks

There’s no denying that Dave Meltzer knows his shit. His knowledge of MMA history is probably unrivaled except by Jordan Breen, who just knows a lot more about obscure Japanese stuff no one else cares about. This article from Fox Sports has Meltzer droppin science on the Light Heavyweight division, chronicling it’s history. It’s good shit.

But what’s not so good is his vision of the division’s future. Here’s his breakdown of what should happen:

Quinton Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin
Keith Jardine vs. Houston Alexander
Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva
Winner of Ortiz-Evans vs. Shogun Rua
Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida

You know why Dave Meltzer is stupid? Because his ideas are different than mine. Here’s how I would set things up:

Tito Ortiz vs Wanderlei Silva, winner gets Quinton Jackson
Chuck Liddell vs Rashad Evans
Forrest Griffin vs Dan Henderson
Shogun Rua vs Lyoto Machida
Keith Jardine can go fuck himself
Houston Alexander vs Stephan Bonnar

Meltzer admitted that half the universe would groan if the UFC announced Jackson vs Griffin. So why do it? Why not save the UFC78 card by putting Tito vs Wanderlei, and then the winner will fight Jackson? That’s mega-bucks either way: Ortiz/Jackson or Silva/Jackson 3 are two retardo sellers.

You put Griffin against tough as nails Henderson … no one would ever doubt Forrest again as legitimate if he gets past him. Since you’ve put Tito against Wanderlei, you’ve gotta put Rashad somewhere. Why not put him against Chuck? Give Chuck another wrestler to bring him back from the edge. Perfect.

Anyways, these are just my fantasy world pics but they also make a decent amount of sense on the business side. And past that, who really wants to see Jardine / Alexander 2? Rematches are for a year or two down the road, for fuck’s sake.

  • Tommy says:

    No way should Tito get a Title shot if he wins his next fight. Think he’s playing hard ball now imagine if he had the belt. Plus what has he done to earn it? Admittedly if he could best Page he would have earned it but that’s not likely. Plus flukes Like Randy vs Vitor two could happen and where would that leave us? I’m not a big Jardine fan but him against Houston would be better then Bonnar. To me that guy can go fuck his own juiced booty hole. Oh yeah and Chuck vs Rashad? Tito hit that guy and he lost his heart till Tito gassed, (go back and watch the first round and watch when Rashad backed off) and nomatter what Liddell hits harder then Tito. No offense but I go with the other guys line ups.

  • Euthyphro says:

    The difference:

    Your version: Snoozefests (wrasslin’ wrasslin’ wrasslin’)
    Meltzer’s version: Exciting fights (lots of stand-and-bang fighters)

  • kentyman says:

    Not only did you take a shot at Breen, but you used some of his “droppin’ science” slang in the very next sentence?

    Jordan, I think you should put your matchups in. Let’s see some of that “educatin’ and regulatin'” we keep hearing about.

    Though, if it doesn’t include Chuck vs. Wanderlei, you can do some of that “go fuck yourself” we keep hearing about.

  • kentyman says:

    Wow, why do I immediately feel guilty for telling Breen to go fuck himself, even just as a joke?

  • Audacity says:

    I would switch Houston to fight Silva so that, unlike UFC 76 – KNOCKOUT, there would actually be a knockout. I approve of getting Decision Dan and Lyoto Lay-and-Pray Machida to square off for the title of the decision king. When Chuck Liddell was the king of the castle, a fight that I always wanted to see was Griffin vs. Liddell. I know that Griffin would make it interesting by slugging it out with him. And how about Jardine vs. Rua? After all, he did beat Chuck, and I would love to see him get his shit ruined by Shogun.

    Here’s how it breaks down:
    Ortiz-Evans vs. Quinton Jackson
    Lyoto Machida vs. Dan Henderson
    Houston Alexander vs. Wanderlei Silva
    Forrest Griffin vs. Chuck Liddell
    Keith Jardine vs. Shogun Rua

  • Zurich says:

    Winnder of Evans/Tito v. Henderson
    Lyoto Machida v. Houston Alexander
    Wandy v. Chuck
    Forrest v. Rampage
    Jardine v. Shogun

    Seems easy enough to me…

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Jackson vs Ortiz would be awsome. Just imagine the amount of shit talking that would happen, the amount of Tito big-head jokes Jackson would tell. It would be a comedy show followed by a fight. Money in the bank!

  • kentyman says:

    Zurich wins.

  • Matt says:

    Tito vs Houston.

  • nois29 says:

    Hey, I care about the ongoings in Japan!

  • ABM!2! says:

    I agree with your matchups except Houston vs Bonnar. Houston deserves to fight a contender. BTW what the hell does this Meltzer guy know? Liddell vs Silva at this point would be absolutely moronic. I’ve said this a million times but why destroy one of their careers? Just because you notice a similarity in their situation doesn’t mean that the matchup makes any sense. Jeez this topic gets me so worked up!

  • hankd says:

    I think Meltzer had Alexander vs Thiago Silva as a rumor in the pay portion of his site…that fight would happen soon, then Jardine if he beats Thiago…

  • ABM!2! says:

    Wanderlei and Chuck need to build their names back up before they fight. If Wanderlei loses, people are going to think he’s completely washed up and doesn’t have a chance in the division. If Liddell loses people are going to think that he doesn’t have it anymore and should retire. This is a lose-lose situation. Nobody gains much in terms of fighting for the title and you’re also left with one no-name fighter (not in my opinion, but you know how impressionable some fans are).

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    It’s not LHW but they need to do that thing from old cartoons and put Hendo in a steam box so just his head sticks out, and when they open it he’s as thin as a twig. Then make him fight franklin. And though I don’t want to risk Tito as champ again, I’d love to see Rampage pummel him for a few rounds.

  • Matthew Watt says:

    Once again fightlinker, I have to ask you, where is Jason Lambert?

  • keithkemp says:

    although i agree with the initial match-ups suggested in the article, your re-scrambling of the light heavyweights seems much more exciting…and probably makes more sense for anyone involved…i really would like to see Jardine hand someone their ass or get beat down again…

  • Jordan Breen says:

    I take issue with the lame characterization of me as the Japanese MMA guy. I got love for MMA no matter where it happens. It just so happens that tons of it happens in Japan between itty bitty dudes.

    As for my vantage point, Zuffa is in a rock/hard place scenario in that they either have to arbitrarily pick someone to fight Jackson on Super Bowl weekend for a big fight, or basically let Rampage collect dust while they iron out eliminators.

    While I can’t speak entirely for what the brass of Zuffa think, I’d opine that the best thing to do would be to in fact pick one of the guys in contention to face Jackson on Super Bowl weekend, and run a simultaneous title eliminator. That way, you may do a little harm in throwing a not-necessarily-100-percent-worthy challenger against the world’s top 205’er at the moment, but you get the division back on track in timely fashion.

    For that reason, I like Meltzer’s Rampage-Griffin match-up. Sure, Rampage would be a heavy favorite, but I think given the division’s climate, it makes sense. They may not even get another chance in the future to have Griffin in a title shot scenario. They might as well do it now.

    Although I can substantiate Meltzer’s words that Thiago Silva-Alexander is being looked at, I prefer Alexander-Lyoto as a simultaneous title eliminator. I’d rather see Silva face a guy like Gouveia or Lambert.

    I would like to see Liddell-Silva with some immediacy. They can either lob Silva a softball in December to set it up for early 08, or do it without ASAP. I don’t care either way.

    Beyond that, I’m not so sure I have any really specific match-ups I greatly desire more than the others. I think Zuffa is in a situation where they have carte blanche to mix and match and come out with goodness almost every time. It’d be hard for them to screw it up.

  • Kenny the Swede says:

    I love your matchups!

    Linker > Metzler
    Linker > Joe Silva
    Linker > Me

    Linker = My Hero

  • Kenny the Swede says:

    Oh, and regarding Jardine, let’s have Jardine VS Lambert for the MMA LWH-awkward-man-breast championship.

  • Thomas says:

    I woul love too see Tito vs Machida. Also I agree with Fightlinker. Nothing in the universe of ours could make more happier than Bonner getting his head knocked off by H. Alexander

  • Ruggertenthousand says:

    Why put Alexander against the guy who is quickly becoming a tomato can? I mean the guy has to take the shit they give to horses just to compete. ( bolderone?)He stole that decision against the Dean of Mean. It was the worst thievery since the tombstones voted in Bonnar’s adopted hometown. Why don’t you just say Elvis Sinosic while your at it? Alexander is ready to step it up to the big time Imo. I think he would crush Tito, and a lot of other people. I think a lot of guys are chicken shit to face him – in an octagon or if he was in the big house for that matter. He should be brought in by a lot of NFL coaches to teach the 2 minute offense.

  • Cyrus says:

    1. ‘Ninja’ Rua (yeah he’s gotta gain a couple) vs ‘Shogun’ Rua
    (Winner fights Wanderlei)
    2. Nakamura vs A Bag Of Weed (Winner gets the munchies and a chance to hang out with Nick Diaz)
    3. Lyoto Machida vs (Dan Henderson or Chuck Liddell or Houston Alexander) Basically, I want to see LYOTO stop being babied and start getting his face wrecked.
    4. Winner of Rashad/Evans 2 gets Forrest (Winner gets Jackson)
    5. Jardine vs Wanderlei

  • Ruggertenthousand says:

    Evans vs. Bisping as the Main event for UFC 78? What a disaster! Imo, the worst card in a long time. I know they couldn’t wait forever for Tito, but I have a tough time believing that this is the best they could come up with. It might as well go on Spike. I won’t be buying that PPV. This is a card that they would really be able to garner national press because the arena is 40 mins. from NYC. People have been warning that there could be a watered down effect with one PPV after another; it appears to have arrived. Is there anyone out there that thinks this is a good card ?

  • stellar53 says:

    How dare you forgetting about Thiago Silva…..

    Thiago Silva vs. Houston Alexander at UFC 78….


  • Ted Dibiase says:

    Wandy vs Tito – winner gets Rampage
    Henderson vs Jardine
    Chuck vs Alexander
    Lyoto vs Forrest
    Rua vs Rashad
    Lambert vs Bonnar

  • dignan says:

    I liked the look of any of the matches…yours or his.

    Tito is done in my opinion and will never come close to contending again. So why give him an opportunity to get the buzz back, although Wandy will destroy him.

    Throwing Tito into the mix right now is useless…fuck that guy.

    I like the logic of Forrest fighting Henderson.

    I wanna see Jardine fight Alexander again to redeem himself.