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Dave Herman admits he smokes marijuana

Since they’re the ones running the testing and all that jazz in Brazil, the UFC has just released a statement explaining what’s up with Stephan Bonnar and Dave Herman’s drug tests:

“Stephan Bonnar and Dave Herman tested positive for banned substances following their bouts at UFC 153. The UFC has a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents. Both fighters have admitted taking the banned substances and have orally agreed to suspensions. Once the suspensions have been reduced to written agreements, the results of their tests and the agreed upon suspensions will be sent to the Association of Boxing Commissions official record-keeper so other jurisdictions will be on notice.”

Herman tested positive for marijuana and it’s interesting that according to the UFC he’s straight up admitted to using it this time. The last time he popped positive (just over a year ago) he was pretty vehement regarding his innocence:

“They didn’t say it was for performance-enhancing drugs, they said I had marijuana. And I don’t even smoke. I haven’t even had a beer in two month.”

And again:

“I do not smoke marijuana,” Herman told MMA Fighting. “I can’t say I’m not around it. I live in California. Pretty much everyone out here smokes weed. Maybe I need to pick my friends a little better. I don’t know.”

When asked if it was his belief that simply being in the presence of marijuana smoke might have caused the positive test result, Herman replied, “Like I said, I see people smoking weed every day.”

Maybe Herman is innocent and his only crime is shacking up with a chick who smokes copious amounts of reefer. Or maybe this is the difference between a commission catching you and the UFC catching you. With a commission, you’re free to bitch and whine and declare your innocence. With the UFC, you STFU and take your punishment.